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Our Peruvian team can give you a detailed insight into the many regions and cultures of Peru. Deep in the Amazon, specialist guides will introduce you to unique flora and fauna whilst in Cusco, at the heart of the Inca Empire, a personal shopper can help you search out quality handicrafts.

Peru_Guide_2Discover preserved mummies at the laboratory of scientist Guillermo Cock, an expert in Andean cultures. See life in the Andes through the eyes of Martin Chambi, the first indigenous photographer in the Americas. His grandson, Teo Allain Chambi, opens the archives that include the first ever professional photographs taken of Machu Picchu soon after Hiram Bingham's scientific discovery. Working with the Resident Archaeologist of Machu Picchu, Alfredo Mormontoy, we can even give you exclusive access to excavations currently taking place at the site.

Our colleagues in Peru will completely transform your holiday experience ensuring that you return home with a greater understanding of this diverse country.

For more information about Peru, our suggested itineraries and the properties we recommend click here.

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Price was competitive and every effort was made to meet our specific requests.

- RF, Abingdon

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