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Over the years AKP's efforts in Australasia have included coral research on the Great Barrier Reef to study the impact of global warming, protecting the rain forest and tree planting with this vision of reforestation. A&K Australia staff have also been involved, their efforts include hopping on bikes to generate electricity for the Australian Earth Hour concert. We have seen some great success in this continent and are always eager to explore new ways to help the ecosystem thrive. Our current focus in on helping to protect the kiwi bird by working with Kiwi Encounter.

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Kiwi Encounter

Kiwi Encounter is helping to increase numbers of the beloved icon of New Zealand, one of the most unusual birds in the world. The endangered kiwi exists only in New Zealand and as its evolution in isolation took it to the brink of extinction on the mainland. The survival rate of the bird is just 5% in the wild but conservation in action is now bringing it back.

A few facts about Kiwis...

  • Kiwi birds are flightless
  • The kiwi is the national symbol for New Zealand
  • Their lifespan is between 25 and 50 years
  • Females can be over 3kg larger than males
  • The kiwi has nostrils at the tip of its bill (and is the only bird in the world to have this)
  • Kiwis are mostly nocturnal, although they have been occasionally spotted in the day

Copyright - Kiwi Encounter and the National Kiwi Trust
Copyright - Kiwi Encounter and the National Kiwi Trust
Copyright - Kiwi Encounter and the National Kiwi Trust

Images © Kiwi Encounter and the National Kiwi Trust

 Abercrombie & Kent, Philanthropy A donation of £700 can adopt a kiwi and gives you the chance to name your kiwi chick. Click here to donate >

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