Tribal Culture

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At Abercrombie & Kent we understand that the best way to really experience a country is to delve deep into its culture, meeting the locals and understanding their way of life. Many countries are home to different tribes, affording an enriching and rewarding experience.

Africa is well known for its tribal culture, with Ethiopia, Kenya and Madagascar all being good examples. The Omo Valley in Ethiopia is home to some 20 different tribes, with the best known being the Mursi people whose women can be easily identified by a clay plate in their lower lip. In Madagascar we recommend staying at Mandare River Camp which is situated opposite the sacred ancestral forests of the Antandroy Tribe. Awake to the sound of the tribe singing as they fetch water from the river in richly diverse area, far removed from the western world.

In Myanmar, the Kayah State is famed for its numerous hill tribes, most famously the Padaung or "long necked ladies"; and in Thailand visit Chiang Rai to learn about the Hmong and Lahu tribes in the Golden Triangle area.

Suggested itineraries for Tribal Culture

Follow the Spirit of the Maori

Nights: 15 | from £4,180

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Adventure into the Maori heart of New Zealand where you'll discover giant forests and intriguing tales while exploring Auckland, Rotorua and Wellington accompanied by our expert Maori guides before heading to South Island.

The American West Ultimate Experience

Nights: 22 | from £18,200

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If ever there was an epic south-west roadtrip, this is it, linking the Sonoran Desert to the Rocky Mountains, via vast canyons, Native American history, Wild West ranches and dazzling night skies.

Ancient trail of the Four Corners region with Donovan – A&K insider experience

Nights: 6 | from £6,150

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This tour offers a detailed look at pre and post European civilizations, with unrivalled access to the people and hidden gems of the region with our Navajo Guide. Fly/drives and conventional group tours cannot possibly experience this region and achieve what a Private Platinum tour can achieve! The lodging is fairly basic due to the remote locations, all 3 star rated but comfortable and authentic.

Classic Ethiopia

Nights: 10 | from £4,330

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The dream holiday for anthropology and archaeology lovers alike, Ethiopia breathes history from every beautiful pore; the world’s ‘first human’ has been discovered here and rock-hewn churches, ancient monasteries and the source of the Blue Nile await your explorations.

Classic Madagascar

Nights: 12 | from £4,245

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Combine four unique areas of Madagascar – buzzing capital, glorious coast, national park and sacred forest – to get under the skin of the brilliantly biodiverse Indian Ocean isle.

Hilltribes of Burma

Nights: 13 | from £2,995

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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, distils the best of South-East Asia – golden pagodas, fascinating hilltribes, lush mountain scenery, pristine beaches – yet remained largely hidden from tourism for nearly half a century. Discover traditional lifestyles and ancient temples on our best-of tour.

Exploring Easter Island

Nights: 6 | from £2,345

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With its colossal moai gazing enigmatically out to sea and it’s eerily spellbinding landscapes Easter Island is a visually captivating destination and an eco-friendly open-air museum to boot.

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