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Aurelia with Abercrombie & KentWith A&K I have travelled to the Maldives, Thailand and Cambodia. It's hard to say which was the most enjoyable, since all three countries and experiences were so different. 

My time in the Maldives was special because it was simply the most luxurious destination I had ever been to - everything from the white beaches, unbelievable water villas and amazing service made it an unforgettable trip. 
In Thailand I loved the North, especially the elephant camp at the Anantara hotel in Chiang Rai and getting to know the baby elephant Neena.  Lastly, in Cambodia, Ankor Wat (even in the rain) was incredible and my A&K guide was truly exceptional - having visited Ankor Wat over 3,000 times, he really knew his stuff.

My top tips for travelling would be to find out what makes the country you go to so special - be it the food, the views or the beaches - and embrace as much as you can.  Don't be afraid to try out some local restaurants - they often can be the best. 

Since my mother was a diplomat I have lived in a lot of cities all across Europe and travelled all my life.  Getting to know and adapting to new countries has thus become second nature to me.  I've also travelled extensively in India and South East Asia, as well as parts of North Africa and the Middle East, Australia and North America.  Europe remains my specialty though.

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