Australasia & South Pacific

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Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands are a wonderland of natural spectacles, from the Great Barrier Reef and majestic fjords to brooding volcanoes and a kaleidoscope of underwater colours. Yet the region also boasts proud native cultures and pockets of cosmopolitan verve, and only A&K knows how to reveal these countries in all their splendour.

Australia is the world's largest island and is like a nowhere else on earth: a place where an ancient past melds with hyper-sophisticated cities and natural wonders. New Zealand is a spacious country with a dramatic landscape that belies the humble slither on the map, New Zealand's unique Maori heritage, charming cities, outdoor pursuits and world-class food and wine make for a real breath of fresh air. Holidays to Fiji let you experience the cultures and areas that make this extraordinary country one of the most desirable luxury destinations in the world. Tahiti and the Cook Islands preserve the romance of the South Seas, offering visitors the chance to soak up island culture and landscape and relax in total comfort.

Countries we travel to in Australasia & South Pacific

Countries we travel to in Australasia & South Pacific

Suggested itineraries in Australasia & South Pacific

Quintessential Australia

Nights: 12 | from £4,995

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Cosmopolitan Sydney, the rugged outback, dense rainforests and the famous Great Barrier Reef – it’s all up for grabs on this 12 night tour of Australia.

Quintessential New Zealand

Nights: 19 | from £7,220

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This 19 night trip through New Zealand takes you through cities like Auckland, Rotorua and Wellington while exploring the stunning mountain ranges and dramatic coastlines.

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