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Exploring new countries and getting underneath their skin helps build our knowledge of these destinations so we can share our experiences and insights with you, not only when discussing a potential journey but also through our blog entries. See below for the latest from our returning travellers...

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India:The Road Less Travelled

The Road Less Travelled (Sep-14)

A recent trip to Kerala and the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu opened her eyes to the treasures of southern India. Read more

South India

Unexplored South India (Sep-14)

People often associate India’s vibrant colours with the northern states, but Tamil Nadu in the south is just as colourful and has retained a distinct culture that sets it apart from the rest of India. Read more

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: A New Chapter (Sep-14)

Sri Lanka is sparkling once again. Jess Andrews tells us about the gem of an island close to her heart. Read more

Fam blog TN

Europe for families (Sep-14)

As a family restricted to school holidays, where is it best to go when? Our Product Manager for Europe and mother of two, Clare Watkins, shares her seasonal picks... Read more

Turkey-Istanbul-sunset-panorama TN

Insiders Turkey (Sep-14)

Only a short while ago Turkey was being heralded as the new ‘Costa Brava’, a package-holiday paradise for economy-savvy holidaymakers looking for an inexpensive break in the sun. While the seafront resorts of Bodrum and Antalya still offer all the facilities for a laidback family holiday, the rest of Turkey is enjoying a renaissance of such with many lesser-known areas seeing a revival. Read more

luc blog

Self-drive Chile (Sep-14)

‘When a rooster sings at midnight, good news will come.’ Just one of the many tales Chilotes - the people of Isla Grande de Chiloé - still whisper. Read more

Favourite Pools From Around the World

Favourite Pools From Around the World (Jul-14)

England is experiencing a heatwave today with temperatures in the capital soaring to highs of 31 degrees centigrade. For those of you who would like to ditch the office air-con for a summer break, Read more


Desert Escape - Morocco (Jul-14)

I was initially reluctant to leave Fes, with its world famous medieval Medina.  It was here that I really felt like I was in Morocco, it has changed so little and really is the place to see the medina at its best. Read more


Adventures in Oman (Jul-14)

Officially known as the Sultanate of Oman, first time visitors can expect a heady mix of rich history, delicious cuisine, hospitable people and spectacular scenery not to mention a great year-round climate. Read more


Top 10 Riads & Retreats (Jul-14)

From the opulent La Mamounia in Marrakesh to the captivating Dar Ahlam, Abercrombie & Kent presents its top ten riads and retreats. Read more

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I think when things are going well you could take your Travel Company a little for granted. When things go wrong you really appreciate the depth, concern and sheer professionalism of a company such as yours. Abercrombie and Kent take a huge group hug from Jo and me: you were simply outstanding.

- JL.Bath

A&K Philanthropy

Philanthropic Journey's Climate Change Challenge

Is the first departure aboard 'Le Boreal'.  Travelers will have the opportunity to present a remotely operated Hyperspectral Irradiance Sensor to Palmer Station to measure the impact of global warming on major types of phytoplankton that grow along the Antarctic Peninsula.


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