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Exploring new countries and getting underneath their skin helps build our knowledge of these destinations so we can share our experiences and insights with you, not only when discussing a potential journey but also through our blog entries. See below for the latest from our returning travellers...

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Andean Bear Snipping Tool

Please Look After This Bear (Nov-14)

Fans of Michael Bond will know that the immigrant bear first introduced to us back in the 1950's may have been found at Paddington station, but was in fact from deepest darkest Peru... Read more

Prague, Christmas Markets, Abercrombie & Kent

Christmas Markets (Oct-14)

It may be only October, but to get the best deal on a Christmas break now is the time to book. As integral to Christmas as turkey and disappointing cracker jokes, Christmas markets are fabulously festive and the ideal way to escape the madness at home. Here are our top five breaks. Read more

Eco Lodges, Abercrombie & Kent

BIG 5: Eco Lodges (Oct-14)

Switch off from everyday life at an eco lodge that blends environmental responsibility with the stunning landscapes of some of the world’s most secluded locations. Read more

India:The Road Less Travelled

The Road Less Travelled (Sep-14)

A recent trip to Kerala and the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu opened her eyes to the treasures of southern India. Read more

South India

Unexplored South India (Sep-14)

People often associate India’s vibrant colours with the northern states, but Tamil Nadu in the south is just as colourful and has retained a distinct culture that sets it apart from the rest of India. Read more

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: A New Chapter (Sep-14)

Sri Lanka is sparkling once again. Jess Andrews tells us about the gem of an island close to her heart. Read more

Fam blog TN

Europe for families (Sep-14)

As a family restricted to school holidays, where is it best to go when? Our Product Manager for Europe and mother of two, Clare Watkins, shares her seasonal picks... Read more

Turkey-Istanbul-sunset-panorama TN

Insiders Turkey (Sep-14)

Only a short while ago Turkey was being heralded as the new ‘Costa Brava’, a package-holiday paradise for economy-savvy holidaymakers looking for an inexpensive break in the sun. While the seafront resorts of Bodrum and Antalya still offer all the facilities for a laidback family holiday, the rest of Turkey is enjoying a renaissance of such with many lesser-known areas seeing a revival. Read more

luc blog

Self-drive Chile (Sep-14)

‘When a rooster sings at midnight, good news will come.’ Just one of the many tales Chilotes - the people of Isla Grande de Chiloé - still whisper. Read more

Favourite Pools From Around the World

Favourite Pools From Around the World (Jul-14)

England is experiencing a heatwave today with temperatures in the capital soaring to highs of 31 degrees centigrade. For those of you who would like to ditch the office air-con for a summer break, Read more

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Guest Testimonial

I wish to thank you for your superb organization of a wonderful holiday especially as catering for numerous requests and changes must have been very difficult. My confidence in you was not misplaced. You (NIcola Wellington) are a huge asset to Abercrombie & Kent,  and I would be grateful if you confer my sentiments to your superiors.

- CE, Switzerland

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Elephant outreach programme, Botswana
Elephant Outreach Programme, Botswana

Sanctuary Stanley's and Sanctuary Baines' Camps introduce the children of Ngamiland to their natural heritage through positive interaction with a trio of orphaned elephants.


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