Egypt for Families

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Only in Egypt

  • Come face to face with macabre mummies
  • Explore the tomb of the boy-king, Tutankhamun
  • Mount a camel and ride from the Giza pyramids to the Sphinx
  • Learn all about pharaohs and hieroglyphics
  • Follow a treasure hunt and haggle in the bustling bazaars of Khan el Khalili

Best For

✓ February, Easter, May and October School Holidays
✓ Culture & Education, Adventure & Activity
✓ 5 years+ 8 Years+ and Teens

Everyone knows that Ancient Egypt - with its squiggly hieroglyphics and tales of Tutankhamun - is by far the most fun thing you study at school. So what better way to inspire young Egyptologists than by taking them to the real thing?

Only a five-hour flight away, but feeling like another world, modern Cairo still feels atmospherically old. It's home to the monumental Pyramids of Giza - the only original of the Seven Wonders of the World still standing - where you can ride from the noseless Sphinx to the pyramids on camel-back. It's also home to the bustling bazaars of Khan el Khalili where kids can follow a treasure hunt: armed with a list of clues and an envelope of money, they must visit the vendors and get haggling!

Even the Egyptian Museum will keep children enthralled - inside lie 160,000 objects covering 5,000 years of history, including the ghoulish Mummies Room and the gleaming death mask of Tutankhamun, only 19 when he died. And when the city bustle gets too much, you can retreat to your hotel to wash off the day's dust with a dip in the pool.

The River Nile remains the lifeblood of Egypt...and sailing along it is the best way to understand what makes the country tick. As you glide by, you'll witness riverbank life little changed for millennia: ox carts, palm trees and magnificent monuments that are over 4,000 years old. There are lots of chances to hop off and explore with a private guide bringing all that history to life. Giant temples with intricate carvings still incomprehensibly stand after thousands of years in the sand. Tombs once piled high with untold treasure are still filled with bright hieroglyphics telling stories that Egyptologists will decipher. See mummified crocodiles at the Crocodile Museum at Kom Ombo and feel what it was like to be Howard Carter, discovering Tutankhamun's tomb for the first time at the Valley of the Kings.

Choose a boat like the Sanctuary Sun Boat IV and you can take in all the sites from the cool of the top-deck pool –a history lesson in your swimming togs, ice-cream in hand … now that's more like it!

The ultimate unwind after all this culture (and all those creepy mummies!) is a break on the blissful Red Sea. Fringed by coral reefs teeming with life –from turtles to clownfish –this is the place to jump in, whether you want to snorkel or try a scuba dive. With a number of excellent beach resorts offering all sorts of activities for kids –from beach games to scuba lessons –it's up to you how much (or how little!) you do. One thing's for sure, if Tutankhamun were still around, you can bet he'd be having a ball.



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