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The real beauty of Jordan is its geography: stunning landscapes, unique flora and fauna and the fascinating and mystical Dead Sea. Jordan is a fantastically accessible country and its world-famous sights are situated relatively close together; add to this the tremendous hospitality of its people and it's easy to see why Jordan is so special.

Jerash is one of the best kept secrets – just an hour from the country's capital, Amman, it's one of the largest and best preserved Roman sites. To this day, its paved and colonnaded streets, hilltop temples and impressive theatres remain in exceptional condition. From here journey south along the scenic King's Highway, visit the mosaics of Madaba and the impressive crusader castle of Karak. Spend time walking in the beautiful Dana Nature Reserve or continue south to Petra, often described as the eighth wonder of the ancient world. Although much has been written about Petra, nothing really prepares you for its size and beauty until you see it for yourself. Undoubtedly the highlight of any trip is the 'Rose Red City' of Petra. With its stone-cut architecture behind a small fissure in the mountains, is simply unmissable.

Any trip to Jordan is completed by exploring the desert of Wadi Rum and the Seven Pillars, relaxing in one of the beach resorts on the Red Sea, or simply luxuriating at the Dead Sea and being pampered with mudpacks and spa treatments.

Jordan with A&K 
The letters we receive speak volumes. Whether it's Zuhair 'the walking encyclopaedia' or Mohammad's passion for his country's art, religion and history, our brilliant Jordanian guides are an essential ingredient in Abercrombie & Kent journeys to this memorable, beautiful and diverse country. With a team of 30 full-time, multilingual staff and long-established network of top-notch contacts, we offer unique, premium experiences, embracing Jordan's dramatic desert landscapes, historic architecture and supremely hospitable locals.

Helpfully, most sights in Jordan are within an easy hit of Amman, where Greco-Roman remains entwine seamlessly with a modern cosmopolitan city. Head south along the King's Highway - naturally, A&K has the country's most modern fleet of air-conditioned vehicles - there are the mosaics of Madaba (you'll be impressed by the huge Byzantine depiction of the Holy Land, trust us), Kerak's imposing crusader castle and Dana Nature Reserve, some of the oldest continuously inhabited land on earth.

Alongside the scenic drama of Wadi Rum and the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, where our Bedouin guides have been known to source cushions from nomadic camps for their 4x4s, allowing them to offer you impromptu, thrilling and comfortable al fresco rides through the desert, you can be pampered in a Dead Sea Spa, or head south for a blissfully warm dip in the Red Sea with its multi-coloured blizzards of tropical fish.

But whatever the attraction, A&K's knowledgeable guides go the extra mile. From taking you to a discreet shawarma (kebab) joint that's high on taste, low on tourists, to finding a serene cave away from the midday heat and crowds, they'll make your Jordan holiday very special.

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