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A journey to the famous northern circuit in Tanzania will leave any adventurer rapt with awe at the stunning vistas, vibrant tribes and outrageous wildlife encounters. The country has a trio of fantastic national parks: Tarangire National Park, with its famous herds of elephants and massive baobab trees;the Ngorongoro Crater, with an unrivalled density of wildlife;and the mighty Serengeti, staging the Great Migration for the majority of the year. For return visitors, or perhaps those looking for something a bit more off the beaten track, peer over the northern horizon and you will find a glut of ideas to create the most remarkable of journeys. Look to the south and you will find Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park, wild as wild can be, home to hard-core walking safaris, and with tourist numbers a mere fraction that you will find in the north. Gaze to the west and you can find Mahale National Park and Gombe National Park, famed for excellent trekking to see chimpanzees, or Katavi National Park for a totally unique safari experience that's seemingly all to yourself. Make a short hop to the coast and you can find safari and beach together at Saadani National Park: what an experience to share your private beach with a lion…from afar of course. At the end of all this, take a bit of time to rest and recover, letting it all sink in (no, you weren't dreaming). Kick off your shoes and sink your feet into the sapphire blue waters that surround Zanzibar or Pemba Island. Go on, you've earned it.

Tanzania with A&K
Tanzania offers some extraordinary spectacles. Truly extraordinary. Vast skies over widescreen plains, teeming mass migrations and A&K's chefs baking fresh loaves each day in the middle of the bush. Trust us, the bread - served warm from traditional ground ovens dug on our mobile tented safaris - will be the tastiest of your life.

It's not our only gourmet flourish in the African wilderness. While other visitors to the Ngorongoro Crater ate packed lunches in a designated picnic area, our returning guests were delighted to report how they drove straight past and on into a shady glade. Waiting for them amongst the foliage was a white-clothed table, laid with cutlery, glassware and flowers, next to chefs cooking up a storm on a mobile stove.

Of course, take an Abercrombie & Kent safari to Tanzania and you'll find our guides - specially selected for families, birdwatchers, the first-time visitor and the avid safari traveller - possess an encyclopaedic knowledge of wildlife. Another guest told us how her group had mentioned they'd like to see black rhino. Towards dusk, their guide, Joel - a quarter of a century with A&K - drove away from other groups towards an apparently barren stretch of land. They parked, sipped a drink, and, ten minutes later, witnessed two black rhino munching their way to within 20 yards of the vehicle.

Joel is just one of many brilliant guides. There's also Elvis. He's so good that returning guests requested he be flown to Uganda to escort them on a gorilla tracking expedition. And Joel and Elvis are just part of a team that has spent fifty years providing luxury travel in East Africa, the starting point and heartland our of business. A one-stop shop, we offer seamless regional travel and experienced, highly trained staff, along with 24-hour emergency contact, a 200-strong fleet of the best vehicles, and luxury mobile safaris, pitched in the peachiest game-viewing locations with hot showers, flushing loos and tent butlers. Hemmingway would approve.

We'll show you a staggeringly diverse country, starting with snow-capped Kilimanjaro where our super-fit runners head up and down, providing you with premium campsites and fresh fruit and vegetables. We carry out twice-daily health checks to maximise your chances of summating, and play a major role in improving the welfare and training of porters.

At lower, less challenging levels, there's the Serengeti, arguably Africa's finest park. You'll see prolific game, including the annual migration, and prolific night skies, courtesy of the manager at A&K favourite, Sanctuary Kusini, dissecting the heavens with a laser pen. Then there's the Ngorongoro's sheer-sided, flat-floored caldera, dubbed the Garden of Eden; and the incredible parks in the south and west: Katavi, Selous - a stage for superb walking safaris - and Ruaha, one of Tanzania's best-kept secrets.

And we haven't even mentioned the Mahale Mountains overlooking Lake Tanganyika, the spectacular haunt of chimpanzees, and, for a contrast, the translucent waters, white sand and spicy cuisine of Zanzibar. With A&K, it's all possible.

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