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Since opening in 2009, our travel boutique in Harrods is the ultimate place in West London to sit and relax whilst drooling over the most gorgeous and relaxing resorts in the world, the ultimate ski chalets and the most opulent palaces.

Our private client suite offers a comfortable and discreet environment to sit down face-to- face with a consultant to pore over maps and explore itineraries to plan a journey that meets all your criteria and more.

Meet the team

Tom Bowring - Manager

[email protected]
0203 667 7009

After graduating from University, and leaving the green fields of Devon behind, I opted to travel instead of immediately joining the daily rugby scrum on the London Underground. Travelling extensively through South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania; visiting North India’s Hill Stations and the Golden Triangle; taking an overnight train to the vibrant wonder that is Varanasi and then basking in the tranquillity of the Annapurna Mountains in Nepal.

More recently I have taken part in some more adventurous travelling including climbing Kilimanjaro and Stok Kangri in Ladakh, India. Visiting New Zealand’s stunning mountains and Fiord Lands of the West Coast also holds a very special place in my heart. All of these experiences gave me a travel bug that I still haven’t shaken off and I now wish to use this passion for travel to design experiences of a lifetime to clients. However, I still like to pop back to Devon every now and then for a cream tea.

What has been your favourite travel experience?
Very difficult question! I would have to say that seeing the Taj Mahal at sunrise is still my most memorable experience. I had dreamt of seeing it, and it more than matched my expectations.frica 

What is your favourite animal?

What is the best hotel you’ve stayed in?
Raffles, Singapore

What is your favourite restaurant?
Els 4 Gats ('The 4 Cats') in Barcelona

What is your essential item that you always take when travelling?
ear plugs

What’s your best pieces of travel advice?
Have an open mind. The fondest moments that I remember when travelling were usually unexpected and certainly not planned.

Where next and why?
Argentina – the topography of the country fascinates me. From bustling Buenos Aires to panoramic Patagonia, I want to see it all!

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Harrods Rewards

If you are registered on the Harrods Rewards Scheme, you will earn points with all holiday bookings made in our travel boutique. Having a Rewards Card enables you to enjoy a wealth of enhanced services, discounts and privileges at Harrods, and the opportunity to 'spend' the points you earn in the store. If you're not a Rewards Scheme member, let your travel specialist know when planning your trip and we'll be happy to set up account for you.

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