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Since opening in 2009, our travel boutique in Harrods is the ultimate place in West London to sit and relax whilst drooling over the most gorgeous and relaxing resorts in the world, the ultimate ski chalets and the most opulent palaces.

Our private client suite offers a comfortable and discreet environment to sit down face-to- face with a consultant to pore over maps and explore itineraries to plan a journey that meets all your criteria and more.

Meet the team

Nick Davies - General Manager

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+44 (0) 207 173 6448


Having grown up in Hong Kong and with my family scattered around the world I have been afforded the opportunity to travel from a young age. As soon as I was old enough, I struck off on my own to remote regions in Mongolia, Tibet, East Africa and Morocco. Having completed a geography degree at university I decided my passion for travel and yearning to learn about the world would be best served in the travel industry. Over the last 10 years I have met some incredibly interesting people, seen some amazing places and had a great time doing it!

Last five countries visited?
Mozambique, Botswana, Italy, St Lucia, Iceland

Favourite travel experience?
Although I love Asia and India - Sundowners in Africa are hard to beat!!

Favourite animal?
Snow Leopard - I was lucky enough to see one in the wild in Ladakh, India.

Best Hotel?
Clayquot Wilderness Resort, Canada

Favourite restaurant?
Test Kitchen, Cape Town

Favourite guide?
Jimmy Vasquez - Peru

Essential item that you always take with you?
A ball – I’m not very good at just lazing on the beach..

Your one luxury when travelling?
Backgammon set

Best piece of travel advice?
The locals always know best so follow their lead…

Where next and why?
Mt Kilimanjaro, Namibia, Chile, Lebanon, Mustique, Japan and Bhutan are all contenders. However, next stop is an A&K Villa in Majorca with the family!

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If you are registered on the Harrods Rewards Scheme, you will earn points with all holiday bookings made in our travel boutique. Having a Rewards Card enables you to enjoy a wealth of enhanced services, discounts and privileges at Harrods, and the opportunity to 'spend' the points you earn in the store. If you're not a Rewards Scheme member, let your travel specialist know when planning your trip and we'll be happy to set up account for you.

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