Exploring Easter Island

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Best time to go: March to December

6 Nights | from £2,345pp

Holiday type: Tailor-made

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  • Marvel at the moai silhouetted against jewel like sunsets
  • Horse ride to the top of one the islands volcanic mounds and pose like a pirate gulping in the 360º views
  • Get geeky with your local guide and delve deep into the myths of the magical birdman cult

Day 1 - Winelands
After an international flight what better way to reboot for your great adventure than by whizzing straight from the airport to a vineyard retreat. Spend a day strolling amongst the vines and an evening soaking up the stars - quaffing Chile's fine wine and dreaming of tomorrows journey to 'that' legendary island.
La Casona at Matetic | Meals: Dinner

Day 2 -Santiago/Easter Island
It's just a short transfer back to the Santiago's airport and your last steps on mainland soil for a while. You are about to fly over the sparkling Pacific Ocean to one of the most isolated islands on earth.
Dominated by the mighty moai this open-air museum is a total dream for those who want to get away from modern life and be transported to days gone by, days when pirates ruled the seas and 600 stone statues rose, still inexplicably, from the land.
La Perouse | Meals: Breakfast

Day 3 - Easter Island
The Volcanic crater of Ranu Raraku awaits you this morning, impressive not just as a natural wonder but also as it is the 'birthplace' of the magnificent statues. The charmingly named 'Nursery' still houses 150 figures in varying states of completion, and if you are amazed by that check out the 70 standing sentinels that flank the volcano sides!
You'll continue your exploration of the islands most myth soaked and downright spectacular sites (Ahu Te Pito Kura Anakena and Vaitea), chaperoned through the legends by your local guide, whom, over a leisurely picnic lunch will recount the myths and mysteries those iconic heads silently hold.
La Perouse | Meals: Breakfast

Day 4 - Easter Island
Jump off the island, swim to the nearest islet, collect the sooty turn's first egg, swim back to Rapa Nui and finally climb the sea cliff (with unbroken egg) to the village of Orono…sound like fun? OK, we won't make you do this but we can take you to the village where this ritual, part of the bizarre 'bird man' cult originated and you can learn more of this dream conjured custom which ties into an extraordinary island belief system.
Later visit Ahu Vinapu with it's uncannily Incan walls, here you also have a chance to get geeky in the fascinating Englert museum. The ceremonial complex of Tahai is our top choice for the end of the day with it's eye popping vista over the ocean and the little sisters of the island.
La Perouse | Meals: Breakfast

Day 5 - Easter Island
An island formed from lava and ash spewed from submarine volcanoes gives rise to a hauntingly stark yet bewitching landscape that await your exploration, without a motor. Being a UNESCO world heritage site you won't see many of those anyway but we suggest walking or horse riding over the hilly landscape where volcanic caves and lava tubes call out to be posed beside.
The volcanic island offers up a sparkling surprise with it's coconut-tree edged beaches, lapis waters and soft white sands, which deserve to be lazed on today (or snorkelled from if you are feeling a tad more active). Hanga Roa, the islands only town is also worthy of a laid-back sojourn. We can't say it's buzzing, quite the opposite actually, but it's a great place to pick up souvenirs and get a taste of local life.
La Perouse | Meals: Breakfast

Day 6 - Easter Island / Wine Country
We know you won't want to leave this magical place so we will ease the blow by delivering you back to your wonderful wine lodge on the mainland. Here you can spend the evening drowning your sorrows with some great Chilean wines, whilst the islands magic still whispers in your ears.
La Casona at Matetic | Meals: Dinner

Day 7 - Santiago / UK
You will fly back to the UK today, well you could. Or you could continue your journey striking out once again from the handy hub of Santiago to unearth some of mainland Chile's many treasures.
Meals: Breakfast

At A&K all of our journeys are individually tailored to suit your needs and timescale. As a guide, this 7 day suggested holiday will cost from £2,345 per person, based on two sharing, including international flights.

Alternative 'active' itineraries are available using Explora's all-inclusive programme at Explora Rapa Nui's Posada de Mike Rapu.

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As the climate varies hugely from north to south, different places are best at different times, although spring (September to December) is universally good. Atacama can be visited year-round, central Chile enjoys a Mediterranean climate with good weather throughout. Patagonia is best for hiking in Spring or Summer.

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