Polar Cruising

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The best way to explore the icy straits of Alaska and Antarctica is by boat. Aside from being a good way to get from A to B, a cruise also allows you to get close to the action. Both the Arctic and Antarctica are home to an extreme array of wildlife, including Polar bears in Alaska and the Gentoo Penguin and Wandering Albatross in Antarctica.

A trip to Antarctica - often referred to as the Last Frontier - is a thrilling adventure, and with A&K this doesn't mean skimping on comfort. The contemporary Le Boreal is Antarctica's only all-balcony expedition ship, and not only does it have state of the art navigation, it is also eco-friendly. Furthermore, it is small enough to ensure unlimited access for shore excursions, including narrow fjords off-limits to larger ships.

In Alaska the Safari Explorer is a luxury expedition ship accommodating just 36 guests, and allows for in depth exploration of Glacier Bay and its native species, including puffins, moose and bears.