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The Galapagos Islands are considered one of the most exceptional wildlife destinations on the planet. Unique species of wildlife in such sheer abundance are, quite simply, unmissable. It is one of those destinations that surpasses all expectations. Here you can swim with sea lions, paddle alongside penguins, watch dolphins at play, be entertained by the clownish antics of the booby birds and watch 400lb giant tortoises wallowing in the marshes of Santa Cruz Island. For time immemorial, there have been no land predators on these islands. As a result, the endemic inhabitants exist in blissful innocence. Young sea-lions will look curiously at your face before blowing bubbles at your mask and inviting you to play. You may even find yourself snorkelling over a school of hammerhead sharks many metres below, such is the visibility of the crystal clear waters. Or on land, you will find yourself looking at albatross, booby and frigate birds just a few metres away as they carry out their comical courtship rituals, oblivious to your presence. And while there are guidelines in place to ensure humans maintain an appropriate distance, the creatures of the Galapagos happily flout the rules as they carry on with their charmed lives. Cruising the archipelago is one of the best ways to explore. Every day offers a different island, bay or cove to explore and different species to discover. Whatever the season, there is always plenty of wildlife to see at every landing site: no two days are the same.

Galapagos Islands Holidays with A&K
The Galapagos Archipelago lies 1,000 kilometres from Ecuador's coastline in the Pacific Ocean. Each of the thirteen islands and countless smaller islets has a unique ecosystem of its own, a living laboratory that inspired Darwin to write his Theory of Evolution while on the voyage of the HMS Beagle. Never connected with the continent, the islands contain many endemic species - only here will you see Galapagos penguins, flightless cormorants and marine iguanas, and the giant tortoises that give the archipelago its name

Most expeditions with your expert naturalist guide are by panga - inflatable rubber craft with outboard motor. Snorkels are available for you to explore the fascinating underwater world, a myriad of colourful fish, playful sea lions, dolphins and sunken volcanic craters.

On your Galapagos Island cruise, you choose the style of vessel you wish to cruise on. Celebrity Xperience carries just 48 passengers but has all the amenities of a larger ship. Alternatively choose an even smaller vessel of around 20 passengers - such as one of the two motor yachts Eric and Letty that sail in flotilla.

Different ships may also offer varying duration of itineraries from 3,4,5 and 7 nights to fit in with the rest of your itinerary. You can easily combine your Galapagos cruise with some time exploring the Andean landscapes and Amazon forests of Ecuador or the Incan treasures of neighbouring Peru.

With our selection of Galapagos Islands holidays there are a fantastic selection of cruises that can be taken through and around the Galapagos Islands, including Eric and Letty, Galapagos Journey I, Integrity, La Pinta and Santa Cruz. There are also some magnificent accommodations, including Royal Palm and Villa Escalesia.

Galapagos Boats
All boats operating in the Galapagos Islands are, essentially, expedition vessels. Whilst several describe themselves as 'luxury', and are certainly very comfortable, it is important to make this distinction. No boat in the Galapagos operates to the high specification of international luxury cruise liners or upmarket river boats operating elsewhere in the world. All cruisers and yachts in the Galapagos leave the Islands for dry dock on a  24 month cycle. In order to protect the marine reserve and the fragile ecosystem, there are many restrictions in place which the boats must adhere to, such as the use of certain types of paint. A&K use the most comfortable and responsible boats available in the Galapagos - those which offer the best experience and are most sympathetic to the unique Galapagos environment - but it is essential that you expect an expedition vessel first and foremost.


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Our experts can tailor-make the perfect holiday to suit your individual requirements, however, if you need inspiration or a starting point, below are some of our suggested trips and experiences:


Luxury Small Group Journeys – Galapagos Wildlife Adventure 2017

Nights: 9 | from £7,365pp

Cruise for seven nights aboard ‘Eclipse’ — an expedition vessel that blends stability, comfort and flexibility — in the Galápagos Islands Find out more

Holiday type: Group departure

Safari & Wildlife

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Discover Galapagos & Ecuador

Nights: 14 | from £5,995pp

Combine a trip to the incomparable Galapagos Islands with a journey through the beautiful highland regions of Ecuador, discovering its artisan crafts... Find out more

Holiday type: Tailor-made

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Rainforest, Amazon and Galapagos

Nights: 13 | from £7,610pp

A nature-lover’s dream, this Ecuadorian adventure takes you from the Andes to the Amazon, with the Galapagos Islands in between, to appreciate the country’s... Find out more

Holiday type: Tailor-made

Adventure & Culture

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Highlights of Ecuador

Nights: 11 | from £3,395pp

A marvelous introduction to the pretty plazas and rose-filled valleys of mainland Ecuador followed by a stay on the iconic Galapagos Islands. Find out more

Holiday type: Tailor-made

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Classic Ecuador & Galapagos

Nights: 12 | from £7,695pp

Highlands, islands and UNESCO-listed splendour: that’s Ecuador. This Latin American nation is small but packs a real punch, from the historic cities and... Find out more

Holiday type: Tailor-made

Safari & Wildlife

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Showing 1-5 of 7.(View all) View more

Below are some of our suggested places to stay:

Celebrity Xperience

Celebrity Xperience allows discerning travellers to experience one of the world's greatest natural treasures in the comfort of a vessel with generous... Find out more

Price guide: Save | Spend | Splurge

Family Holidays

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Celebrity Xploration

Celebrity Xploration is a luxury adventure catamaran built to cruise the Galapagos Islands in style. Her specific design offers stability, speed and comfort... Find out more

Price guide: Save | Spend | Splurge

Family Holidays

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The MC Cormorant incorporates the very best of Galapagos catamaran design and cruises the islands in style. Its practical and elegant design provides... Find out more

Price guide: Save | Spend | Splurge

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Eric & Letty

Built in 1991 and refurbished annually, these superior first-class sister yachts accommodate no more than 20 guests. Both feature three decks of spacious... Find out more

Price guide: Save | Spend | Splurge

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Galapagos Safari Camp

The nine luxury tents are located below the main lodge. Erected on wooden platforms, they are composed of three layers: one to protect against the sun,... Find out more

Price guide: Save | Spend | Splurge

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Graeme, Charlie, Melissa, Dave, Kerry and Kelly are experts in designing the perfect holiday in Latin America to suit your personal needs, interests and budget. Their intimate knowledge of our hotels and resorts featured in our portfolio, together with our own network of offices throughout the region, allows us to offer unique in-depth knowledge, unparalleled insider access and the VIP service for which Abercrombie & Kent is renowned.

Read about our lastest experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean in our Travel Blog pages.

To find out more about our Latin America team, click on the consultant links below or call them on 01242 547 701 or enquire online


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