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When it comes to the Land of the Pharaohs, we have heritage. Real heritage. It might not stretch back to Tutankhamun but over 30-plus years offering luxury Egypt holidays Abercrombie & Kent has established eight offices across the country, employing 400 knowledgeable staff. This makes a difference. A huge difference. When Cairo descended into the chaos of the Arab Spring and airlines temporarily abandoned the city, A&K's experienced team threw the rulebook out of the window, using unrivalled contacts to charter a private plane to London. The escape was made.

Most of the time, of course, we're dealing with Egypt's historic, cultural and scenic drama, rather than its political. Our brilliant guides - many of them expert Egyptologists and archaeologists - bring ancient civilisations back to life before your eyes, providing exclusive insider access to private tombs, temple openings and current excavations. They reveal the secrets of Giza's monolithic pyramids, the Museum of Antiquities' treasures and The Valley of the Kings, along with iconic temples including Karnak and Hatshepsut.

And then there's the Nile. Nobody offers a luxury Nile cruise like A&K with dedicated in-house specialists and four of the best, most elegant boats on the river. Your journey between Aswan and Luxor blends history with style, serenity and divine landscapes.

And you're just starting. You can sail on vast Lake Nasser, tour the surreal White Desert, and relax on the Red Sea coast with its translucent ocean and exquisite coral. Need more? There's Alexandria's Italianate cornice kissing the Mediterranean, and the remote western oasis of Siwa. Egypt is generous with its riches.

But A&K takes you beyond the blockbuster sites. Our guides happily share vignettes of daily Egyptian life. It might be Mohammed's favourite coffee house, falafel joint, or even belly dancer: the legendary Dina appears, often unannounced, at random Cairo nightspots. If you're happy with a 3am appointment, so are we.

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Egypt with Abercrombie & Kent

Best time to be there

Winter (October to April) for cultural trips, although May to September is great for the Red Sea. Ramadan is a particularly exciting time to be in Egypt - it is celebrated here with more exuberance than anywhere else in the world.

Fly to

Cairo, Luxor (British Airways, Egypt Air); Sharm el Sheikh (British from Sep 2015, Easyjet); Hurghada (Easyjet)

Flying time

4 hours 50 minutes direct

Time difference

GMT +2 hours


Required - obtainable in advance or on arrival

Health Requirements

No mandatory vaccinations

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Suggested itineraries in Egypt

Classic Egypt

Nights: 10 | from £1,995

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Be awe-struck like Lord Carnarvon when you first look upon King Tutankhamun and the legacy of his preceding Pharaohs during your 10 night Egyptian adventure.

Classic Nile

Nights: 7 | from £1,495

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Seven nights full board aboard the luxurious Sanctuary Sun Boat IV and access to the main sites of Dendarah, the Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple

Telegraph Tours: Wonders of the Nile

Nights: 10 | from £2,990

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This exclusive 10 night trip takes you from Cairo to the archaeological heart of ancient Egypt and on to the Nile for a luxurious cruise.

Nile Dahabiya Private Charter

Nights: 7 | from £1,495

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7 nights aboard a sailing boat on the Nile, passing beautiful little-visited regions as well as exploring the temples of Luxor and Aswan with an Egyptologist.

Highlights of Egypt

Nights: 6 | from £1,595

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Spend 7 days like an Egyptian Pharaoh while exploring the ancient worlds greatest treasures with expert Egyptologists and local guides.

Highlights of Egypt with Jordan

Nights: 12 | from £2,795

Discover more

This unforgettable journey will take you on a comprehensive Egyptian and Jordanian history lesson through time as you visit both countries exquisite sites.

Historical Footsteps

Nights: 9 | from £2,295

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Explore majestic Egypt and revel in the majesty of the pyramids, Luxor, Cairo and the Nubian desert city of Aswan.

Luxury Small Group Journeys - Egypt & the Nile

Nights: 9 | from £3,435

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Sail on a four-night Nile river cruise on board the luxurious and intimate Sanctuary ‘Sun Boat III,’travelling to off-the-beaten-path Denderah, one of Egypt’s best-preserved and less-frequented temples

Pharaohs & Families

Nights: 9 | from £2,295

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Visit the pyramids, the Great Sphinx of Giza, discover the treasures of Tutankhamen and other mummies in the Cairo Museum after a marketplace scavenger hunt.

Nile and Luxor Experience

Nights: 10 | from £2,185

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A relaxing yet thought-provoking 10-night Nile voyage taking in Aswan, Edfu and Luxor and classic sites like the Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple.

White Desert Extension

Nights: 3 |

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An off-the-beaten-track 3 day extension into Egypt's interior exploring wind carved chalk mountains, remote desert landscapes and Bedouin camps.

Egypt in depth

Nights: 11 | from £2,700

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An Egyptian adventure where you will cruise Lake Nasser and the Nile, experience the sound and light show at Abu Simbel and explore ancient Cairo.

Siwa Desert Safari

Nights: 6 | from £2,595

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Visit Cairo, the 2,700 year old Temple of Amun, Siwa's other-worldly landscapes and Al-Alamein on this enchanting 6-night desert safari.

Christie’s Art Journeys: Egypt: Pharaohs and Feluccas

Nights: 8 | from £4,495

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Join Abercrombie & Kent and Christie’s in the Land of the Pharaohs as we reveal the secrets of Giza's monolithic pyramids, the treasures housed in the Museum of Antiquities and The Valley of the Kings.

Suggested accommodation in Egypt

Sanctuary Sun Boat III


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Sanctuary Sun Boat IV


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Dahabiya Nile Cruise - Zein Nile Chateau


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Four Seasons Resort Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh                           

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Sanctuary MS Nile Adventurer - 3 & 4 night cruises


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Adrere Amellal Ecolodge


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