Classic Ethiopia

Classic Ethiopia from £3,995

Highlights - Boat trip on Lake Tana; Famous cave churches in Lalibela... Read more ...

Ethiopia Wildlife

Ethiopia Wildlife from £3,675

Highlights - take a walk in the surrounding area to look for the endemic gelada baboon;Check out Lake Ziway famous for its birds... Read more ...

Africa by Private Jet

Africa by Private Jet

A special 19-day adventure from one end of Africa to the other, spanning eight countries and almost 5,000 miles in a handsomely appointed private jet. Read more ...

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Best time to be there

There are two seasons: the dry season prevails from October through May; the wet season runs from June to September. Temperatures are determined by altitude, with highlands (including Addis Ababa) rarely exceeding 25º C. In the lowlands it can get considerably hotter exceeding 40ºC, while in the Danakil Depression it can approach 60ºC

Fly to

Addis Ababa

flying time

9 hours

time difference

GMT + 3 hours

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  11 DAYS FROM £3,325

   * Visit the famous churches of Lalibela
   * Cruise on Lake Tana
   * Explore the ancient kingdom of Axum


Ethiopia baboon AD   ETHIOPIA WILDLIFE
   11 DAYS FROM £3,675

   * Search for Ethiopia's endemic species
   * Explore the Simien Mountains
   * Incredible scenic beauty


Africa by Private Jet 1A   AFRICA BY PRIVATE JET

   * Privately chartered 737 limited to 40 guests
   * Privieged access and VIP service
   * Explore the rock hewn churches of Lalibela

Ethiopia with A&K

Ethiopia is fascinating, awe-inspiring, compelling: a land rich in cultural treasures and dramatic landscapes. But to get the most from this extraordinary East African nation, to understand its rich history and enjoy unique access to its hospitable, hugely diverse people, you need an experienced operator - and that means A&K.

We handpick top notch local and specialist guides, all with a passion to reveal Ethiopia's highlights. Add in the best 4WD vehicles - you'll thank us on more remote roads - and well-established contacts, and we can arrange seamless travel through this intoxicating country and its neighbours.

Take an Abercrombie & Kent luxury trip to Ethiopia and you'll discover that Christianity - its magnificent architecture and ancient rituals - are a crucial element of your trip. UNESCO listed Axum, the spiritual heart of the country since the 4th century, is believed to house the Ark of the Covenant, the holiest of relics. You won't see it, of course, but you will find copious ruins of tombs, churches and palaces.

More spectacular is Bahir Dar, where 20 of the 37 islands on Lake Tana - the source of the Blue Nile - host wooden monasteries, frescoed with Christian scenes. Then there are Gonda's 17th century churches and Portuguese-style castles, and, perhaps most famous of all, the amazing 12th century rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, carved down into the earth and connected by labyrinthine passages. Visit on Sundays to see the monks joined by a flood of white-clad worshippers.

But you're only just starting. The capital Addis Ababa has Africa's largest market, an excellent national museum and two cathedrals, not to mention several fine coffee shops, while in the south Omo Valley has twenty different tribes, including the Mursi, whose women some sport clay lip plates.

And then there are the epic landscapes, none more spectacular than the Simien Mountains. One of Africa's largest ranges with peaks reaching to 4,000m, they blend into an endless blue green ocean of rippling hills; home to baboons, ibex, wolves and vultures. They're all ingredients that help make Ethiopia a truly inviting dish - one that A&K is more than happy to serve.
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Guest Testimonial

Jessica Andrews was amazing - can't praise her highly enough. Was absolutely delighted with everything from start to finish. Thank you!!

- AF, Portimao

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