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Over the many years that we have been organising honeymoons, inspiration has always been drawn from our unique and varied portfolio to provide every couple with the ultimate romantic experience.

Now we have developed this even further by offering an on-line honeymoon service that you can administer from the comfort of your own home. This pioneering facility provides the bride and groom with a wealth of exclusive services.


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A dedicated travel specialist to help you plan the perfect  tailor-made honeymoon

A private and personalised honeymoon list within the A&K website that allows you to ask guests to contribute towards your honeymoon, receive personal messages from your guests and check gift contributions

We will write to your on your return detailing the messages you have received from your guests and a final summary of all contributions made

If you have not yet registered for this service and wish to do so, please contact one of our travel specialists on 0845 618 2200


Guest Testimonial

I arrived with the sun blazing down and the clouds and mist lifting from Machu Picchu. It was a truly magical moment. And then there was Percy, my guide. What a delightful, interesting, knowledgeable and expert guide. It really was a pleasure to be with him. I really couldn't have asked for a better guide and team. This was one of the best treks I have ever done.

- DR, London

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Plants of the Okavango Delta
Plants of the Okavango Delta

At Sanctuary Chief's Camp inventories rare plants of the delta area, catalogues local uses, produces a field guide and seed collections, and supplies botanic gardens worldwide with specimens


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