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Begin married life with a larger than life adventure, heading to the pristine beauty of the ‘white continent’, one of the last truly off the beaten track places in the world. This is a bucket-list honeymoon for adventure seekers, wildlife enthusiasts and lovers of mysterious glacial beauty. Finding yourself snuggled up in a cabin watching icebergs float past your private balcony after thrilling days traversing some of the most extraordinary terrain on Earth, is a most remarkable way to start your new life together.

Tierra del Fuego, the land of fire, beckons you from the heady appeal of Buenos Aires, where Ushuaia (the southernmost city of the world) could be the hop off point for your grand adventure. Sail in luxury across the daring Drake Passage, past the Falkland Islands where you could have a chance to disembark and potter the charming streets of Port Stanley and onwards towards the infamous seventh continent. Deck-side sightings of whales, seals and other wildlife become more frequent as your journey continues past South Georgia, a nearly submerged continuation of the Andes mountain range.

Antarctica Honeymoon Highlights

  • Cruising Antarctica in sophisticated design and comfort.
  • Restricted number of guests so guaranteed personal attention.
  • A perfect blend of luxury and adventure.
  • Range of wildlife unable to be seen elsewhere in the world.
  • A once in a lifetime adventure.


Be wowed by vast colonies of king penguins and inquisitive fur and elephant seals and sail through Paradise Bay and the Lemaire Channel, referred to as Kodak Alley for its stunning, camera-ready vistas of towering icebergs and deep blue waters. Visit the remains of a turn of the century whaling station, and stroll along a sheltered beach teeming with basking elephant seals. Back in the zodiac circumnavigate colossal icebergs that serve as floating homes to the charming wildlife.

Antarctica’s long, ethereal twilight is fantastic for photographs, enjoy evenings with your loved one taking photos of the jewel-like icebergs and mighty skies. This isn’t a honeymoon for those who wish to lie around and do little – there are plenty of early starts – but if the sound of kayaking beside silvery fur seals, coming within inches of a curious waddling penguin and seeing massive ice chunks calving off glaciers into the sea sounds appealing then this is the trip for you. Moreover you will start your life together experiencing a place few others ever get to visit and make memories to last a lifetime.

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