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The spectacular ‘Fall’ colours of America’s northeast coast are world-famous. With flights to Boston taking as little as 6-7 hours, the region is surprisingly accessible for a ‘mini-moon’. Some of the USA’s most charming and romantic B&BS and inns will ensure that you are warm, welcome and comfortable.

Boston is full of character. One of the most attractive US cities, it is known for being accessible and walkable, and thanks to the rich culture and history there’s plenty to see and do. A walk along the Freedom Trial, which meanders between historic sites, is a great place to start. There are also many fantastic museums and galleries in the city – including several which are world-class. The area down by Charles River is popular for walks and picnics both with locals and visitors. There’s a very fun side to Boston too; the city is known for delicious fresh seafood, live music, and of course baseball. As a proud coastal city, Boston’s Harbour Walk is also not to be missed.

Honeymoon Highlights of Boston & Northeast USA

  • Take Boston’s Odyssey cruise along the Charles River for dinner against views you won’t find on land.
  • The fabulous fresh seafood of the region includes lobster, oysters and clams. Try Top of the Hub in Boston, where great city views accompany its mouth-watering food.
  • Vermont is well known for the quality of its craft beers. A tour of a micro-brewery showcases local industry in action – with plenty of opportunities to sample the results.
  • Driving is easy in the northeast, but we recommend slowing down to take a walk or enjoy a picnic lunch while absorbing the vibrant ‘Fall’ colours in all their glory.

If you have a little more time the options open up. Driving in America is easy, so why not hire a car to explore further afield? Famous Cape Cod, with its quaint walkable towns and whale watching opportunities, is a short drive away. Once there, the Hyannis ferry will take you to Nantucket, whose National Historic District has changed little since the 17th Century. With seaside cottages and old-fashioned lamps lining the streets, it is one of the most unique and attractive places in the northeast.

The beauty of the ‘Fall’ is at its best further north, where the roads are quiet and the air is crisp. You could drive the multi-coloured Maine coast and sample the lobster the state is rightly famous for before crossing into New Hampshire and discovering a peaceful lake-side hideaway. Scenic roads will take you into the Shires of Vermont, a collection of idyllic small towns complete with village greens, whitewashed steeples, and quaint B&Bs. Days can be spent hiking in the Green Mountain National Forest, relaxing at spas or visiting microbreweries.

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