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If you're looking for a more intrepid adventure then this combination could be a winner. Combining China's vibrant cities and slow, ancient villages with the remote beaches, underwater landscapes and laid back lifestyle of the Philippines certainly won't leave you short of memories.

Beijing is the political and cultural heart of China, and what better way to start your journey than with a visit to The Great Wall –one of the Wonders of the World. In Xian, you could see the Terracotta Warriors and cycle around the impressive city walls with the wind in your hair before searching the stalls for some of China's fi nest silk. The modern metropolises of Shanghai and Hong Kong are both melting pots of Eastern and Western traditions. You can shop to your heart's content, hit the cosmopolitan bars and enjoy candle-lit dinners with impressive skylines as your backdrop.

When the buzz of the Chinese cities wears off, it's nice to spend time unwinding, perhaps by sailing through the dramatic gorges of the Yangtze River aboard the Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer or exploring mythical landscapes of towering limestone karsts and rice terraces. Yunnan is a peaceful rural province well worth exploring.

Honeymoon Highlights of China & the Philippines

  • A sunset cruise on the glistening waters of Kunming Lake provides a glimpse of Beijing's historic Summer Palace.
  • Our guides will lead you to a quiet spot on The Great Wall for a champagne toast as the view stretches out before you.
  • Sample some of the city's best food and enjoy views of the skyline at Felix restaurant in The Peninsula Hong Kong.
  • Swimming with whale sharks in The Philippines is sure to leave you with exhilarating memories.
  • For a lively night out, Boracay in The Philippines really comes into its own after dark.  

 Just a short flight from China's dazzling modernity will take you to the world's second largest archipelago, The Philippines. Evidence of its 350 years of Spanish rule can be found everywhere, from the elegant colonial architecture to the delicious Spanish and native fusion cuisine. A place of stunning beaches, steep, photogenic rice terraces and jungle smothered mountain ranges -with plenty of outdoor activities on offer -amongst the 7,000 islands there is sure to be something that suits you perfectly. 

The tropical waters contain shallow fringing reefs teeming with life, including whale sharks, turtles and dugongs. In Boracay, we'll find you a quiet sanctuary near the beach where you can enjoy privacy and relaxation before heading out to enjoy the lively evening scene should you like.

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