Guatemala & Belize Honeymoon


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Providing a balance between romantic ruins, charming small towns, wildlife and white sand beaches, these Central American favourites are a match made in heaven. 

Guatemala's UNESCO World Heritage colonial city, La Antigua, is a great starting point. Its cobbled streets are lined with pretty, pastel-hued homes, boutique hotels, and an exceptional selection of restaurants. Leisurely walks are mandatory to fully absorb the romance of the place. Nearby, there are charming villages and coffee farms which you can explore by car, bike or on foot.

The rich indigenous cultures of Guatemala are alive and well in the highlands. Surrounded by rugged hills, a trio of towering volcanoes, and a handful of small villages, Lake Atitlán is worthy of a stop. Tz'utujil and Kaqchiquel Mayas have plied its shores for centuries and continue to do so today, wearing vibrant traditional clothing and practicing age-old customs. San Juan La Laguna, reached by boat, is known for its hand-woven, naturally dyed textiles, and there are also opportunities to kayak, bike, and zip-line.

Honeymoon Highlights in Guatemala & Belize

  • At the famous archaeological site of Iximche, we can arrange a private blessing with a Mayan Shaman (spiritual leader).
  • Hector Castro's restaurant is legendary in the Guatemalan capital;joining him at his home to prepare a delicious dinner is informal and insightful.
  • After exploring the ancient ruins which rise from the forest floor in Tikal, enjoy a picnic atop Temple 4 at sunset.
  • Flying over the deep blue waters, small cayes and reefs of Belize may reveal manatees, dolphins and sharks.
  • In the home of the cocoa bean, a chocolate workshop is a must. Try your hand at tea, hot chocolate and chocolate bars.

The northern region of Petén is home to the impressive archaeological site of Tikal, where the intriguing history of the Mayans is revealed. If you like getting lost in the ancient history, you could also head to Yaxhá and Uaxactún;you can camp at the latter, and we recommend exploring at sunset, when you can enjoy a cocktail as the light changes. 

Across the border in Belize lie rainforests, ranches, and rugged terrain. You can continue your explorations of Mayan ruins, or enjoy the outdoors on foot, horseback, or by kayak, raft, or canoe. The beautiful beaches of Belize are an ideal way to end your celebration. Ambergris Caye is just a mile from the Barrier Reef and is a great destination for sunset cruises and gentle water sports. Formerly a fishing village, San Pedro is the island's only town;its sandy streets are lined with waterfront restaurants, hotels, tiki bars and dive shops.

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