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Italy is perhaps the most romantic country of all. The Italians live in a world of passion and beauty; from elaborate buildings and high arts to everyday pleasures such as food and wine, everything in Italy seems to be done with a certain panache. Even those with a less exuberant attitude to life find it hard not to get caught up in it all.

The three grand cities of Venice, Florence and Rome are great for people watching, shopping, dining, and of course history. Others, such as Perugia and Naples, are less well known but just as exciting.

Venice oozes romance. Meandering along the canals is obligatory, and we love simply sitting in cafes watching the world go by or exploring the fascinating but lesser known alleyways and narrow streets around San Marco. The islands of Burano and Murano are famed for their lace and glass making, and if art is your thing you’ll love the Accademia Gallery, which houses a dazzling collection of masterpieces spanning the full development of Venetian art from Byzantine to Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo.

Honeymoon Highlights of Italy

  • An evening ‘baccari’ tour in Venice reveals the most popular places for a glass or two of ‘ombra’ and tasty ‘cicchetti’ – Venetian tapas.
  • The ‘Cinque Terre’, five villages connected by a coastal walk, is one of Italy’s gems. If you wake up early, you can cover the walk in a day – and enjoy delicious gelato en route.
  • The ‘smallest restaurant in the world’, Solo Per Due has a magical setting on the grounds of a ruined Roman villa which once belonged to Latin poet Horace.
  • In our book, Hotel Castello di Casole – a fabulous converted castle dating back to 998 – is the ultimate place to relax and admire world-famous views over the Tuscan hills.

Rome, the city for lovers, is a heady blend of artistic and architectural masterpieces, classical ruins, beautiful gardens and chic, modern offerings. The Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, Trevi Fountain, the gold that adorns St Peter's Basilica - famous sites are never ending. Wandering around the Trastevere district, gelato in hand is particularly atmospheric, and you shouldn't miss the lively atmosphere around Piazza Navona in the evening.

There's lots to explore away from the bright lights too, whether sunning yourself on the Amalfi or Apulia coasts, retreating to a converted castle in the rolling hills of Tuscany, or heading to the islands of Sardinia and Sicily for a change of scene.

And then, of course, there's the food: fresh, simple and unfailingly delicious. The Italian's passion for food is inspiring, and whether you opt for a quick snack or a feast of endless courses, our top tip would be to savour every mouthful.

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