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Close your eyes and visualise the word ‘honeymoon’ and we imagine your vision is not dissimilar to the blissful icing sugar sands, gem-like waters and cloudless skies that will greet you in the Seychelles. The perfect destination for a post-wedding escape, with its brilliant white beaches, show-stopping hotels and excellent honeymoon credentials – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, George and Amal Clooney and even the Beckhams have all chosen its turquoise waters for loved-up time out. The natural beauty of the archipelago is striking and with low-lying coral atolls, pristine reef islands, clear seas and a vibrant Creole culture it’s a great place to chill out beachside with your loved one.

We absolutely adore North Island and think it’s the cream of the crop for honeymooners. The ultimate exclusive stay, with villas scattered over a steep jungle hillside and disappearing down to the beach, it parades a glamorous castaway-chic vibe that won’t disappoint. The luxuriant forested island is where white beaches are lined with giant coco-de-mer palm trees jostling for your attention above shimmering waves. The scent filling the air from the forest is sensual and the island life vibe here is certainly exotic.

Seychelles Honeymoon Highlights

  • North Island was the honeymoon destination of choice for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
  • The exclusive Villa 11 can only be booked by couples.
  • Your private villa host will get to know you and ensure you have the most incredible stay, surprising you along the way – often delivering something that you need before you even realise you needed it.
  • Spoil yourself with dining at the famous Tec-Tec Restaurant; the only gourmet restaurant on Mahé is exclusive to Maia residents.


The best thing about this intoxicating island is you feel blissfully alone; there is so much space and you can head off to explore this wonderland by golf buggy, bicycle or on foot. Perhaps you will meet a free-roaming giant tortoise on your route – the island is dedicated to preserving nature and as such, a Noah’s Ark wildlife conservation programme has been introduced. It’s an early start but the deeply magical sunrise hike is a must, watching the sun rise over the glittering waters is stunning and knowing you have a whole day ahead of you to laze around together on the white sands or in the sparkling waters below, followed by some topnotch dining or spa treatments makes it all the more romantic.

North Island twins well with the Seychelles’ largest island, Mahé. Although larger than the rest it retains its idyllic beauty, with 3,000-foot mountains and picture-postcard beaches. Phenomenal plants, including the Jellyfish Tree and several rare orchids are unique to Mahé’s shores and the Botanical Gardens in Victoria are ideal for a potter when you fancy a day off the beach.

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