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Iceland delivers a major hit of the surreal and the beautiful. Returning travellers' tales suggest that, for a few wonderful days, normal life is suspended. They recall sitting in hot tubs under the stellar theatrics of the northern lights; a helicopter landing on the lava field next to their lodge - 'we were expecting a helipad, but no, not in Iceland' - and driving onto vast Langjokull Glacier where the feeling of space was 'extraordinary and immense'.

An Icelandic holiday with Abercrombie & Kent could see your already seductive itinerary receiving some spontaneous editing from our super-attentive guides. Guest's letters and emails tell of surprise visits to a fascinating geothermal tomato farm for the freshest soup they've ever tasted; of joining a queue outside ice cream shops in minus 5°C temperatures (trust us, it's worth it) and descending into cathedral-like Thrihnukagigur Volcano, while contemplating the fact that fewer people have entered its cone than have been into space.

See, we told you it's surreal.

Of course it helps to have brilliantly connected guides, with at least a decade of experience. They're part of our multi-centre European team that has provided seamless luxury travel across the continent for 25 years in the best vehicles around. In Iceland that includes super jeeps, yachts and helicopters for flying above the mesmerising, otherworldly landscape of The Highlands.

For a contrast, explore small but surprisingly lively Reykjavik, with its Blue Lagoon geothermal spa surrounded by lava fields. You can make the short hop to Snaefellsnes Peninsula, dubbed 'Iceland in Miniature' for its many sights, whose volcano was the setting for Jules Verne's Journey To The Centre of the Earth.

And then there's the Golden Circle: UNESCO-listed Thinvuellir, the only place on earth where you can see the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates drifting apart; Strokkur geyser, spurting 90-feet into the air, and thunderous Gullfoss, one of 10,000 waterfalls on the island.

And we're only just starting. An exclusive A&K tour reveals how Iceland is now a brilliant stage for holiday adventures from dog sledding and hikes, snowmobiling and super jeep (local large-tired 4WDs) drives onto glaciers, to scuba diving in Silfrah Lake, slap bang on the tectonic plate fault line. It's simply incredible, and with A&K, it's all possible.

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Best time to be there

June to September is a great time to enjoy a mild ocean climate thanks to the Gulf Stream. It is relatively mild in winter and cool in summer but this is when you can enjoy almost 24 hours of daylight. The weather can change several times during the day. In midwinter, whilst there is little daylight, it is one of the best times to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

Fly to

Keflavik, approximately 30 minutes from Reykjavik

flying time

3 hours non-stop

time difference



Not required for UK passport holders

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