Hoshinoya Kyoto

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Why we like it

  • Experience Kyoto's blend of tradition and modernity
  • Hoshinoya Kyoto is an elegant and charming ryokan focusing on traditional Japanese comfort
  • 25 rooms all offering a view of Arashiyama's beautiful Ooigawa River
  • Peaceful base in Kyoto's beautiful Arashiyama area
  • Enjoy views of Arashiyama Mountain

A&K Top Tip

Enjoy a drink in the Library Lounge while basking in the timelessness of the space and the superb views of the water garden and Ooigawa River beyond it.

Guest Testimonial

I want to thank you for all your help (Annie Jensen) and expertise on arranging our recent trip . Everything was well arranged and your in-country team was very efficient and helpful. Re hotels, Chris and I are still debating which hotel was the best, the Park Hyatt, the Ritz Carleton or the Palace. We have stayed at many 'grand' hotels around the world, but these three topped them all! We had to watch again last night "

- CO, London

Kyoto can be said to embody the very spirit of Japanese culture. The Arashiyama area of Kyoto, with its famous Togetsuyo Bridge, is a place without any tall, modern buildings. It retains that old Kyoto feel. Arashiyama was a resort area for the people of Kyoto, influenced by the culture of the Heian Dynasty. Here board a boat at the base of the Togetsukyo bridge and enjoy the beautiful scenery for a short ten minute cruise up the Ooigawa River where Hoshinoya Kyoto is revealed. Just how separate this place is from the rest of the world becomes apparent the minute you come ashore. During the day, other people can be seen boating on the river and visiting the nearby mountain temples, but by nightfall, you are the only ones left in this mystical world.

Suminokura Ryoui, a wealthy Kyoto merchant used this private riverside retreat as a library and second home until it was converted into an inn approximately 100 years ago. To stay in a place with the privacy of a private home while indulging in the refined cultural joys Kyoto has to offer is our overall theme.

All 25 rooms offer a view of Arashiyama's beautiful Ooigawa River, where you can enjoy the picturesque changing of the seasons to their hearts' content. The buildings have been handed down through the generations and given a sophisticated Hoshinoya touch. The Library Lounge, with its superb view of the water garden and Ooigawa River beyond it, is free for everyone to use. The theme of the library is "luxurious excess" and it is stocked with a variety of books including many books about Kyoto. A modern pond and terrace grace the water garden that spreads out before the Hoshinoya Kyoto library lounge. Behind the guest rooms lies the back garden. Enjoy traditional Kyoto-style landscapes with a modern twist. The gardens are lit-up in the evening. The public tatami room, Tsukinami, acts as the drawing room of Hoshinoya Kyoto. 

Useful info

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Best time to be there

Spring (late March to April) for cherry blossom, early summer (May to early June) for warm sunshine, autumn (October to November) for sunny weather and spectacular colours.

Fly to

Osaka/ Tokyo Narita and Haneda (Japan Airlines, British Airways)

flying time

12 hours 30 minutes from London

time difference

GMT +9 hours


Not required for UK passport holders

Health Requirements

No vaccinations required

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