the run to monaco - the Ultimate F1 Experience  

The Run To Monaco is a five day supercar rally which takes its entrants behind the scenes of Formula 1. Ride with an F1 driver, learn new driving skills and enjoy the finest hotels and dining experiences in Monaco with this exclusive package.

The event starts in London and finishes at the Monaco Grand Prix. This extraordinary package affords Members the unique chance to chase F1 stars along stunningly beautiful alpine roads, visit tracks to learn how to corner from the best in the business, and test their mettle with a speed test on a closed track against men used to travelling at over 200 miles per hour. The aspect that's most likely to fulfil your childhood dreams, though, is saved for the final day - Grand Prix Sunday. The Run To Monaco provides exclusive access to the Formula 1 circuit just moments before the race with attendees strapped into a $250,000 supercar, with a Formula 1 driver at the wheel, for two laps of the track at speeds that will make your eyes water!

The finest hotels, Michelin-starred food, and VIP parties will complete this dazzling adventure. Priced at £30,000 for two people and with only 30 places available, The Run To Monaco is the most exclusive and exciting prospect you'll hear about all year.

Contact [email protected] for more information and availability.

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Quite simply excellent. If I could say one thing it is that Egypt is the place to go right now, as there were virtually no tourists at some of the sights and that,I should think, is quite rare!

- JW, Gloucestershire

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Ultimate F1 Experience