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A&K's Sundowner magazine is packed with insightful and fascinating travel features, the latest news from destinations across the globe, and previews of exciting new properties, itineraries and partnerships. Sundowner is written by A&K's expert team across the globe, with contributions from some of the world's leading travel writers: it's written for those with an insatiable thirst for information, and an untamable wanderlust. Beautifully written and packed with striking and inspirational photography, the latest and hottest properties around the world, and top 5's showcasing everything from wow factor villas to top 5 train journeys; horse riding hotspots to blissful beaches.

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Guest Testimonial

I tracked the Susa group which is the one I really wanted to see - it was almost as if gorillas were tumbling out of every bush, shrub and even at times they seemed to fall from the sky.

- MM, Edinburgh

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Chengdu Research Base of the Giant Panda
Chengdu Research Base

Conducts captive breeding programs and scientific research and is an educational tourism center for this endangered and beloved icon of China


Sundowner – A&K’s Luxury Travel Magazine

Let our travel experts inspire you for your next adventure. Our Sundowner Magazine is packed full of experiences, ideas, travel tips and more. View a copy online or to order one to be delivered to your door three times a year, click here. In this edition discover Top Stargazing spots, Explore China by train, Top notch digs Down Under and much more.

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