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At A&K we have been pioneering luxurious holidays for over half a century.  But ‘luxury’ is a term that is as clichéd as ‘hard-working-families-up-and-down-the-country’.  So what does it mean to us?  We believe it is relative.  We believe it relates to the overall experience, not just the bed linen or the pillow chocolates. From the opulence of a palatial hotel to the serenity of waking up to a spectacular sunrise in a simple mountain refuge, we believe true luxury is the privilege of discovery, adventure, relaxation and insight, enjoyed in a context that perfectly suits the experience, and is just right for you. Seamless service, safety and security are a given.  It is the thoughtful touches, the anticipation and a sense of wonder that elevate a holiday into a true luxury experience.

Fun with Abercrombie & Kent


See Vietnam from a unique perspective by Vespa.

Relax in an Abercrombie & Kent Villa


Enjoy pure relaxation in the comfort of a private villa

Precious family time


Holidays are for spending precious time with your family

Memorable with Abercrombie & Kent


Make memories to last a lifetime on a safari to follow the migration

Exhilarating with Abercrombie & Kent


Micro light over Victoria Falls – a must for thrill-seekers

Welcoming with Abercrombie & Kent


Ensuring a warm welcome awaits you on arrival is standard

Eye-opening with Abercrombie & kent


Gorilla tracking, bear spotting or Arctic cruising…take your pick

Delicious with Abercrombie & Kent


Take your taste buds on the journey of a lifetime around the globe

Adventurous with Abercrombie & Kent


Why not take your next great adventure on horseback?

Good Value with Abercrombie & Kent

Good Value

Save on a stay at Conrad Rangali in the Maldives