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Imagine the world's most cosmopolitan cities: frantic, frenetic New York, sophisticated Sydney, glamorous and glittering Las Vegas. Now imagine their polar opposite; remote plains, raw natural beauty, tumbling watercourses and abundant wildlife, and a culture hewn from many millennia of nomadic living, thanks to a tumultuous climate that can be both brutal and beautiful. Welcome, then, to Mongolia, a country seemingly so distant from the rest of the world that it has become a byword for isolation: the 'outer' prefix, though no longer applied, distancing itself further still.

But Mongolia is rugged, remote. It's one of the few places left on the planet where you can sleep in a herder's ger - a traditional felt yurt - round up sheep from the back of a scrubby horse, and actually, properly get back to nature. The 21st century has seen development arrive in the country, with outsiders arriving for guaranteed adventure and burgeoning business opportunities. Visas are easy to acquire, the authorities see tourism as a key to future growth and local communities are getting in on the act. Despite the warmest of welcomes, however, Mongolia is still a developing country, with only a small infrastructure and the most basic of facilities outside the surprisingly enormous and unsurprisingly bohemian capital of Ulaanbaatar.

The city itself is an eye-opener, where businessmen of the pulsating commercial centre rub shoulders with nomads fresh from the steppes, and traffic fights with tradition for space on the strangely westernised streets. Outside of Ulaan, however, you'll find space. The sweeping landscape blurs with the subtle colours of grey, green and brown, and though the country is mountainous in regions there are areas so flat you feel as if you can see the curvature of the Earth. Though the appeal of Mongolia is usually exploring the great outdoors, whether on foot, horseback or by kayak, no trip is worthwhile without visiting the nomadic communities. Mongolia does not disappoint and many who visit return looking to recapture the sense of peace that they have yet to find at any other destination. At A&K we believe in promoting cultural interaction based on mutual respect and an understanding of cultural differences, neither accelerating the modernisation of ancient cultures, nor suppressing their natural evolution. Woven through Mongolia's nomadic culture is a rich Tibetan Buddhist tradition in which ancient Shamanist practices are still evident.

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Best Time to Go
May to August sees a warmer climate for Mongolia's summer, while the cold season runs from November to March. The traditional Nadaam festival takes place each July Fly To
Ulaanbataar's Chinggis Khaan International Airport

Flying time

14 hours from London

Time difference
GMT +8 hours

Visa required for UK passport holders

Health Requirements
No yellow fever certificate required

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We loved the way A&K presented their documentation in the travel wallet and the lux' luggage tags looked the business. The "Small touches" count! Every one likes to feel special from time to time and we certainly were made to feel as such by all at A&K.Thank you Vicky Smith

- CB,Oakham

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I was left utterly blown away with Namibia and I had so much fun. It is such a diverse country and it was made all the better because of all the hard work you guys did to make it happen.

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