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Best time to be there

April to October is considered the best time to visit with July and August being the busiest months. The summer months see a plethora of cultural activities, such as a series of festivals of music, film and art. The July festival Theatre city in Budva is a feast of classical music, performance, ballet where choirs, local and foreign artists perform.

Fly to

Podgorica (Montenegro Airlines - three times a week)
Dubrovnik (British Airways, Croatian Airlines or EasyJet)

flying time

2 hours 40 minutes direct

time difference

GMT +1 hours

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Montenegro with A&K

You may well have seen a dreamy image of Sveti Stefan: the ludicrously photogenic islet joined to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. Its splatter of brilliantly renovated, red-roofed, 15th century stone houses are laced with evergreen trees and surrounded by translucent Adriatic shallows.

It's a seductive inviting sight, and Montenegro's most photographed asset. But it's only a tiny part of the picture. The small but perfectly preserved country, tucked into the coast below Croatia, has dramatic mountains, superb beaches and medieval architecture, mingling with ancient remains and monasteries that somehow cling to vertiginous rock faces without crampons. Understandably it's getting more and more attention.

A&K's highly qualified, multi-centre European team will let you make the most of this emerging Balkan destination. We've provided luxury travel across the continent for over a quarter of a century, with knowledgeable multi-lingual guides and long-established contacts, allowing unique insider access and experiences off the mainstream tourist radar, from tours with historians and archaeologists to wilderness walks with conservation experts, alongside seamless travel to neighbouring countries.

Enjoy a bespoke Abercrombie and Kent holiday to Montenegro in 2014 and you'll find a slice of former Yugoslavia famed for its beauty and astonishing diversity. The south coast has over 20 miles of honey sand washed by warm seas, while to the north dramatic mountains rear towards cyan blue skies; a double act that allows one of travel's holy grails: swimming in the morning and skiing in the afternoon.

Less energetically, you can visit stunningly located Kotor - some believe its beautiful bay is Europe's most southerly fjord, but it's actually a submerged river canyon - where the Venetian architecture, along with showstoppers like the Cathedral of St Tryphon, have earned a UNESCO listing.

Head south to explore Budva, one of the Adriatic's oldest settlements dating back to the 5th century BC. Following massive restoration, its Venetian architecture shows little damage from a devastating 1979 earthquake. It's just six kilometres from Sveti Stefan, the divine islet now sporting the pared back elegance of Aman hotels. It's a sign that while uncrowded Montenegro is changing and developing, it retains its myriad charms. As A&K will happily show you, there will never be a better time to visit.

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Aman Sveti Stefan


Aman Sveti Stefan is located in the centre of Montenegro’s Adriatic coastline, south of Budva and between the villages of Przno and Sveti Stefan. Stunning coastline...

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I have been very impressed with this service and also Mark Renshaw has been extremely helpful. We look forward to booking another sensational holiday with Abercrombie and Kent!

- EC, London

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