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Article title: A&K Launches in Abu Dhabi
Title Bar Caption: A&K Launches in Abu Dhabi
Description: Hot on the heels of Monaco and The City of London, A&K opens in the UAE
Advert image: Geoffrey Kent
Article image: Geoffrey Kent
Article: Our newest travel boutique - our first in The Middle East - is now open in the UAE. The expert team have travelled far and wide and are led by Debbie Duncan-Studart, who has over 20 years' experience in the world of luxury travel. The boutique is located in Abu Dhabi, the fast changing capital of the kingdom. With a host of great spaces to choose from, the prestigious Etihad Towers on the waterfront was the perfect choice for the new site. January saw a series of inspirational launch events across the UAE. Geoffrey Kent regaled his audience with tales of setting up A&K, and the famous faces who have travelled with us over the years, during a packed sit down dinner held at Scott's restaurant. His Highness Sheikh Suroor Al Nahyan and the British Ambassador Dominic Jermey were both in attendance. The sparkling social occasions culminated at an A&K sponsored polo tournament held at the Desert Palm Resort in Dubai. Geoffrey kept his spirit of adventure alive by getting back on a horse after a 22 year hiatus to play 'stick and ball' with the two polo teams - affectionately renamed 'Kenya' and 'Tanzania' for the day. Geoffrey said: "I have been visiting the Gulf States for over 40 years and have always vowed to open our own office one day. Abu Dhabi will make the perfect base for our launch into the Middle East." Abercrombie & Kent UAE is on the 9th Floor of Etihad Towers, and is open Sunday - Thursday.

Visit or call +971 56 665 3106 to arrange an appointment. If you are based in Dubai, the team are happy to visit you at home.

Article Date: Sunday, April 13, 2014
Country: Italy
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Article title: Sports Coaching from Legends
Title Bar Caption: Sports Coaching from Legends
Description: Spend the summer at Forte Village, Sardinia, for children's sports coaching from world-class players.
Advert image: Superskills Academy
Article image: Superskills Academy
Article: Watch your kids learn or refine their tackle, ruck or kicking skills with rugby greats Will Greenwood and Austin Healey, and improve their pass and shooting techniques alongside England Netball Head Coach Anna Mayes. Super Skills offers the very best in holiday sports coaching, with confidence building, inclusivity and fun at the heart of everything they do. The coaching team have a real hands on, 'all in it together attitude' - when they're not coaching, they'll be hanging out by the pool, challenging you to nine holes on the golf course or joining you for a beer in the bar. A word of caution though - you can take the guys out of the competition but you can't take the competitiveness out of the guys - when it comes to the afternoon dive bombing competition, Austin takes things pretty seriously! For more information please call 0845 485 1207.
Article Date: Sunday, April 13, 2014
Country: Italy
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Article title: Magical Myanmar Aboard Sanctuary Ananda
Title Bar Caption: Magical Myanmar Aboard Sanctuary Ananda
Description: A new boat to take you right to the heart of Burma
Advert image: Sanctuary Ananda
Article image: Sanctuary Ananda
Article: We are delighted to announce the launch of Sanctuary Ananda, a luxurious allsuite ship which will sail you in style on a voyage of breathtaking discovery on the mysterious rivers of Myanmar. Launching in November, the voyage will take in the majestic Ayeyarwady between Bhamo and Yangon. Visiting temples, pagodas, palaces and monasteries along the way, you will journey the great tributary, the Chindwin, which will take you to places rarely seen in this undiscovered country. The boat, with its shallow draft, is custom built to navigate the Upper and Lower Ayeyarwady and Chindwin Rivers, and will sail on each full day of the itinerary. The only ship on the river to offer a balcony in each suite, the Ananda also offers unparalleled service with the highest staff to guest ratio on the Ayeyarwady, ensuring your every requirement is fulfilled. A mix of incredible Western and Asian cuisine designed by a celebrity chef ensures a gastronomic experience to complement the sightseeing. The jungle of the north, forgotten villages and ancient towns will see you almost to the Myanmar-Indian border. Don't miss the chance to see unexplored Myanmar on an opulent ship. To speak to a member of the team, call 0845 485 1208.
Article Date: Sunday, April 13, 2014
Country: Myanmar
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Article title: Fuelled by the Spirit of Adventure
Title Bar Caption: Fuelled by the Spirit of Adventure
Description: Land Rover Adventure Travel by Abercrombie & Kent
Advert image: Discovery
Article image: Discovery
Article: In 1962 Geoffrey Kent launched A&K in the Kenyan bush with an adapted Land Rover, some customised army tents and his mother's silver ice bucket; in pioneering the concept of the luxury safari, Geoffrey established a relationship which has endured decades. We are therefore thrilled to introduce our exciting new partnership with Land Rover, the company that helped us kick-start it all. Land Rover Adventure Travel by Abercrombie & Kent is a joint initiative offering travellers the chance to explore iconic global destinations from behind the wheel of Land Rover's luxurious all-terrain vehicles. These thrilling adventures are perfectly underpinned by the meticulous planning and local insights for which A&K is renowned - and you'll enjoy every creature comfort en route. This year we're planning visits trips to Tanzania and India and in 2015 to China and Morocco. For more information call 0845 415 4757, or click here.
Article Date: Thursday, April 10, 2014
Country: China,Morocco,Tanzania
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Article title: Introducing Sri Lanka
Title Bar Caption: Introducing Sri Lanka
Description: We are delighted to announce the launch of our new office in Sri Lanka.
Advert image: Sri Lanka
Article image: Sri Lanka

Shaped like an teardrop falling from the southern tip of India, separated by a series of stepping-stone coral islets, Sri Lanka has it all: a fascinating cultural heritage, eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, an abundance of wildlife, tea plantations that transport you back to the time of the Raj and stunning palm-fringed beaches.

There is something for everyone here, including a brilliant range of accommodation; choose from converted tea factories, colonial planter's bungalows and stylish, luxury boutique hotels. 

Our new office in Colombo provides a unique insight into the country, as well as the added security and peace of mind that comes with knowing that an A&K contact is never far away.

Our A&K team on the ground look forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary country. 

Article Date: Thursday, September 26, 2013
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Article title: Abercrombie & Kent voted Food and Travel Readers' 'Tour Operator of the Year' 2013
Title Bar Caption: Abercrombie & Kent voted Food and Travel Readers' 'Tour Operator of the Year' 2013
Description: Cheltenham 3rd September 2013: Last night was a bonanza night for top end luxury tour operator Abercrombie & Kent as they were voted Food and Travel Readers' Tour Operator of the Year 2013.
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Abercrombie & Kent voted Food and Travel Readers' 'Tour Operator of the Year' 2013

Cheltenham 3rd September 2013: Last night was a bonanza night for top end luxury tour operator Abercrombie & Kent as they were voted Food and Travel Readers' Tour Operator of the Year 2013.

The Food and Travel Awards took place at the Savoy Hotel, where a team of Michelin starred chefs prepared a sensational dinner for the occasion. Kerry Golds, Managing Director of Abercrombie & Kent Travel accepted the award from Food and Travel publisher, Gregor Rankin, saying, 'I am absolutely delighted with this award. We are 100% committed to being the very best and the votes of more than 60,000 Food and Travel readers is testament to our teams commitment to ensuring that every client has a fantastic experience from the moment they first get in touch to long after they return from their trip.'

The awards are based on the independent and unbiased views of thousands of readers and as such are highly regarded in the travel industry. Votes are cast across a wide variety of categories and pole position in each is therefore an accolade much sought after.


Article Date: Wednesday, September 4, 2013
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Article title: Big Five: Train Journeys
Title Bar Caption: Big 5: Train Journeys
Description: If the thought of checking-in and out of hotels leaves you a little weary, why not try something different, and relax on one of the most magnificent train journeys imaginable?
Advert image: Big 5: Train Journeys
Article image: Big 5: Train Journeys

The Rocky Mountaineer
Alberta to Vancouver
Duration: 2 days
The world renowned Rocky Mountaineer travels by daylight through the wild and rugged beauty of Canada's striking west. Departing from the vibrant small town of Jasper, Alberta you'll travel through the majestic Rockies enroute to the Thompson River and Kamloops. The night is spent in Kamloops, a former gold mining town before continuing west through the desert-like interior, meandering past the famous rushing waters of Hell's Gate. The journey continues through the lush green fields of the Fraser River Valley before concluding in Vancouver, British Columbia. With domed glass windows curving high over your head, the Gold Leaf carriage offers the ultimate opportunity to see much of Canada's natural beauty and wildlife, including eagles, elk and black bears. When you're not nose to window, enjoy divine food made using the freshest local ingredients from the specialty onboard chefs.

The Golden Chariot, India
Bangalore return
Duration: 8 days
It may be less well-known than some of India's trains, but The Golden Chariot offers an insight into the beautiful, lesser-visited region of Karnataka, and hidden gems which are difficult to access by road. From the historic provincial capital, Bangalore, you'll travel south to enjoy safaris at Bandipur and Rajiv Gandhi National Parks - home to varied wildlife and birdlife including elusive tigers and leopards - before arriving into Mysore, a charming city famed for silk, sandalwood and incense. Many historic sites line your path, such as the ornate temples at Belur and Halebid, and several World Heritage Sites including Hampi, where the majestic ruins of what was once the capital of India's largest post-Moghul empire lie scattered across hundreds of square miles.

Copper Canyon Express, Mexico
Chihuaha to Los Mochis
Duration: 4 - 8 d ays
This is a fantastic adventure connecting Mexico's arid, mountainous interior with the Pacific coast, passing through large canyons, waterfalls, high desert plains and green forests. Known by the locals as 'El Chepe', the Chihuaha al Pacifico railroad climbs to 2,500 metres and has magnificent views over the Parque Nacional Barranca del Cobre, home to 20 canyons spanning an area seven times larger than the Grand Canyon. You will have several opportunities to break the journey, exploring on horseback, by bike, on foot or by 4x4, and visiting fascinating sites such as the 'Lost Cathedral' of Satevo, and villages and towns way off the beaten path. We would recommend staying at the Mirador Hotel en route, which is poised near the highest point of Copper Canyon, surrounded by pine forest.

The Golden Eagle Trans-Mongolian Express, Russia
Moscow to Beijing
Duration: 14 days
The journey along the longest railway in the world is on many people's must-do list - and rightly so. This particular route not only traverses Russia's vast wildernesses, but heads down through Mongolia, ending in Beijing. On the way, you'll have chance to explore picturesque, historic Russian cities such as Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk, and learn about the rich culture and diverse people of the region. You'll travel past the spectacular Lake Baikal, spend time in Ulan Ude, capital of the Buryat Republic, and stay overnight in a traditional Ger in Mongolia's capital, Ulaan Baatar. Towards the end of your journey, spend time hiking or riding in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, and visit a family living the traditional nomadic way of life before exploring Beijing and The Great Wall of China.

Orient Express Epic Thailand
Bangkok return
Duration: 7 days
A great way of seeing some of Thailand's more off the beaten path locations, the Epic Thailand voyage begins in Bangkok and passes through beautiful areas of rural Thailand as it heads north towards Chiang Rai. The train stops at ancient temples rarely visited by travellers, and traditional villages dotted throughout the countryside provide an insight into local crafts and ways of life, such as silk weaving and rice farming. The scenic northern province of Chiang Mai is a fascinating region which pre-dates the Siamese settlements further south by several hundred years and is known for its Buddhist temples and craft boutiques. The last stop is Khao Yai National Park, where an expert naturalist will introduce you to the flora, fauna and wildlife such as elephants, deer, gibbons, birds and lizards.


Article Date: Sunday, September 1, 2013
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Article title: Big Five: Beaches
Title Bar Caption: Big Five: Beaches
Description: Whether you dream of an idyllic, peaceful escape or a little more adventure, we have plenty of beach suggestions up our sleeves. Here are just five of our current favourites.
Advert image: Sveti Stefan
Article image: Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
With cobbled lanes, quaint courtyards and remarkable sea views, the tiny islet of Sven Stefan was once a fortified village and dates back to the 15th Century. Its rare pink sand beach was a playground for the rich and famous during the 1950s and 60s. Surrounded by ancient cedar and pine forests, and with pristine turquoise waters, this slice of Balkan paradise has since been restored to its former glory with the opening of a sumptuous Aman resort. There are a host of water sports on offer, and if you can bear to tear yourself away from your sun lounger the beautiful surrounding area is well worth exploring.

Pasikudah Bay, Sri Lanka
Having recently opened up to visitors, Sri Lanka's north east coast is home to stunning, palm-fringed, white sand beaches, with sea so calm and clear it's like stepping into a giant bath. Despite having one of the longest stretches of shallow coastline in the world, Pasikudah Bay remains largely untouched. Don a snorkel and you'll find yourself nose-to-nose with the multi-hued tropical fish and intriguing crustaceans of the sun-dappled Indian Ocean. Currently, just a few small boutique hotels are dotted around the bay, and we'd recommend you enjoy them while the area is still quiet and unspoiled.

Seal Bay - Kangaroo Island, Australia
Just 15 kilometres off the south coast of Australia, Kangaroo Island is a wildlife haven - perfect if you like your beaches a little more rugged. Here you can see pink pelicans wheeling through the sky, sleepy koalas in the trees, and pairs of little penguins making their nightly pilgrimage to the shore in Penneshaw. Wallabies, brush-tailed possums, kangaroos and fur seals also inhabit the island. Although not a swimming beach, Seal Bay is home to Australia's third largest colony of Australian sea lions and offers some of the best beach walks we know of, bringing you up close and personal with these fascinating animals.

Taipus de Fora, Brazil
The Brazilian equivalent of the English expression 'just my cup of tea' is 'é minha praia' or 'that's my beach' - a wonderfully apt expression for a nation famous for its vibrant beach culture. A long sweep of pure white sand, located on the Bahia state Maraú Peninsula, Taipus de Fora is arguably one of Brazil's most magical beaches. With giant coconut palms, natural reef pools, crystal clear waters and a distinct lack of crowds, it's a fantastic place to kick back and relax caipirinha in hand. If you're feeling more adventurous, some of Brazil's best surf is just around the peninsular.

Manafiafy Beach, Madagascar
Renowned for the diversity of its flora and fauna - most of which can be found nowhere else on earth - Madagascar is a nature lover's paradise. With azure blue seas and miles of white sand fringed by lush tropical forest, the remote Manafiafy Beach, located on the south-east cost of the island, offers beachside escapism at its best.  Well sheltered, the beach is an excellent spot for swimming and snorkelling. Meet the local fishermen bringing in their catch, explore the inland mangroves by canoe, catch a boat over to the nearby islands for picnic lunches, or take a night walk in the littoral rainforest. From June to November you can also view migrating humpback whales.

Article Date: Sunday, August 18, 2013
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Article title: Out and About
Title Bar Caption: Out and About
Description: A round-up of current and upcoming events which celebrate travel, the arts and world history.
Advert image: tangosmall
Article image: tangobig

Athens & Epidaurus Festival
June - September 2013
The summer festival in Athens includes a mix of opera, theatre, ballet and music. The festival is hosted at various historic venues, including the magnificent Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Dating back to A.D.160, the Odeon is a dramatic and atmospheric venue, unforgettable with the Acropolis looming behind it.

Life and death - Pompeii and Herculaneum
British Museum, London
28 March - 29 September 2013
In AD 79 the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum were engulfed by a catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Preserved under ash, the two cities lay buried for just over 1,600 years, their rediscovery providing us with an unparalleled glimpse into the daily life of the Roman Empire. Fascinating, moving and beautifully curated, the exhibition takes you through the bustling streets to the intimate spaces of a Roman home and in to the heart of people's lives in Pompeii and Herculaneum.
Yo Picasso: Self-Portraits
Museu Picasso, Barcelona
31 May - 1 September
Yo Picasso: Self-Portraits is the first major monographic exhibition dedicated to the great Spanish artist's striking and ingenious self-portraits. Picasso painted himself throughout his life, and the exhibition covers more than seventy years, from his childhood, to shortly before his death, exploring the value he placed on turning his artistic gaze back on his own face.
Verona Opera Festival
Verona, Italy
1 July - 7 September
This year the internationally renowned Verona Opera Festival celebrates its 100th anniversary. Staged in the atmospheric Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheatre build in the 1st century AD, the programme includes the brilliant, emotionally-charged operas of Verdi, as well as a number of popular operas by other noted composers. The festival is a wonderful time to explore Verona's art-adorned piazzas and beautiful cobbled streets, which are lined with chic boutiques, lively cafes and tempting gelaterias.
Mexico: A Revolution in Art, 1910-1940
Royal Academy, London
6 July - 29 September 2013
The exhibition is a captivating examination of the intense thirty year period of artistic creativity that took place in Mexico at the beginning of the twentieth century. Featuring artists Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros amongst others, as well as a number of international artists, the exhibition aims to shed light on the dynamic and often turbulent cultural environment that saw some seminal figures of the twentieth century reflecting on their interaction with each other and their differing responses to the same subject: Mexico.
Festival de Tango
Buenos Aires, Argentina
14 - 27 August
Buenos Aires' annual Festival de Tango celebrates this sultry, passionate dance in spectacular style, with dancers and musicians performing at various intimate venues across the buzzing Argentinian capital. The festival, which aims to "strengthens the commitment to the historical heritage, the growth and the projection of tango in all its ways of expression", presents a fantastic opportunity to see some of the world's best tanguistas in action. Join in with free classes for beginners- you'll find a programme of the classes here.
Notting Hill Carnival
Notting Hill, London
25 - 26 August
Held each August Bank Holiday since 1966, the Notting Hill Carnival is the largest festival celebration of its kind in Europe, and celebrates music, movement and masquerade. Dance your socks off to everything from Soca & Calypso Music, Reggae, R&B, Funk, House, Dub and much more. Kaleidoscopic floats and costumes, dense crowds, alfresco dancing and Caribbean food stalls rule the weekend.

Venice Film Festival
Venice, Italy
28 August - 7 September
The 70th Venice International Film Festival, organized by La Biennale di Venezia, will be held on the spectacular Lido of Venice from 28th August to 7th September 2013, directed by Alberto Barbera. The aim of the Festival is to raise awareness and promote the various aspects of international cinema in all its forms: as art, entertainment and as an industry, in a spirit of freedom and dialogue.

Article Date: Sunday, June 30, 2013
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Article title: Big Five: Boat Journeys
Title Bar Caption: Big Five: Boat Journeys
Description: Whether intrepid adventure or civilised jaunt, our favourite voyages offer unparalleled wildlife sightings and a glimpse into the lives of those who inhabit the water's edge.
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Unchartered Patagonia
Punctuated by mighty glaciers, turquoise glacial lakes, dense forests and imposing granite mountains, the fjords of southern Chile are home to a spectacular but almost impenetrable landscape. With its own on-board helicopter, state-of-the-art expedition vessel The Atmosphere allows you to reach places that few, if any, have ever reached before. Bird watching, dolphin watching, kayaking, trekking, natural hot springs and helicopter flights add to the adventure. In the evenings unwind in the hot tub before enjoying cocktails, dinner and a presentation of the day's highlights.
Highlights of the Nile
A cruise along the iconic waters of the Nile, aboard one of our sumptuous Sanctuary Sun Boats is a wonderfully romantic way to visit the monuments of Egypt's ancient past. Absorb the tranquil pace of life, sundowner in hand, as you sail past lush, green fields, bathing cattle and women washing clothes on the water's edge. As the country calms following the events of the Arab Spring, stop to marvel at the wonders of Luxor, Kom Ombo, Edfu and Aswan, in the company of an Egyptologist and without the once infamous crowds. Learn about our Egypt Safety Net here.

The Ayeyarwady
Stretching 2,170km, Myanmar's Ayeyarwady River provides a giant natural pathway on which to enjoy voyages of breathtaking beauty and discovery. Named after the Ananda temple, which in turn means extreme happiness, Sanctuary Ananda is a luxurious all-suite ship, custom built by local shipbuilders using age-old knowledge and traditional materials, while incorporating the most modern technology. Relax on your private balcony as you sail away from the tourist paths and through the lush jungles, forgotten villages and ancient towns of the north.

The Backwaters of Kerala
The verdant, wildlife-laden backwaters of Kerala make for one of India's most alluring tropical escapes. A relaxing boat journey along this intricate network of canals and lagoons offers a unique glimpse into the daily life of those who inhabit the small villages on the water. Watching as local women tend to their gardens, boatmen pass with their loads of coir and cashews, and fishermen cast their nets from dugout canoes, induces a welcome feeling of being lost in time. With just eight beautifully-appointed Deluxe Cabins and fabulous fine-dining, a three night journey aboard the Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda is a wonderful way to experience this hidden pocket of calm.
Arctic Adventure
Barren, wild and utterly enthralling, the islands of the High Arctic Svalbard archipelago are like nowhere else on earth. Less than 600 miles from the geographic North Pole, the islands abound with marine wildlife; whales, dolphins, seals and walruses are all a common sight. Svalbard is also one of the best places to consistently witness the ethereal Northern Lights. Join polar bear expert Mats Forsberg aboard the luxurious expedition vessel Le Boreal, and observe the beautiful flora that springs to life with unexpected vibrancy under Augusts' midnight sun, as you go in search of the mighty polar bear.

Article Date: Thursday, June 27, 2013
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