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The United States of America and Canada are such vast countries, both geographically and culturally, that it is impossible for any amount of words to do them justice. The US brings to mind iconic images such as the Star-Spangled Banner, the Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, the long straight highways running east to west, Coca Cola, King Kong atop the Empire State Building, the Hollywood sign, the Manhattan skyline - the list is endless. Canada stirs up pictures of the Rocky Mountains, Grizzly Bears and leaping salmon, the flat-brimmed Stetson of the Canadian Mounties, polite and easy-going people, the CN Tower on the Toronto skyline and Niagara Falls.

Since the first pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower, people have been flocking to North America and with good reason. With 50 US states and ten Canadian provinces to choose from - multicultural vibrant cities and open plains, mountains and deserts, natural landscapes, unique wildlife, the ultramodern and the historical - North America Travel really does offer it all.


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Quite simply excellent. If I could say one thing it is that Egypt is the place to go right now, as there were virtually no tourists at some of the sights and that,I should think, is quite rare!

- JW, Gloucestershire

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Our North America team are experts in designing the perfect holiday in the USA and Canada to suit your personal needs, interests and budget.

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