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North Korea will not be your most luxurious holiday. It will not have the most sun, best food or most spectacular scenery. But it will be, without doubt, one of the most intriguing, fascinating and surprising countries you ever see. Just ask our returning guests who have been among the 1,000 westerners lucky enough to visit each year.

As well as the extraordinary cult of its rulers - you'll need know your Great Leader from your Dear Leader and Supreme Leader - you'll witness monitoring and propaganda in one of the last bastions of communism. Time it right (we can help, obviously) and you may catch an awe-inspiring synchronised mass displays of dancing and gymnastics.

Of course, this is a country where A&K don't have an office or guardian angel. You'll be part of an approved tour group, a fascinating and immediate taste of the state control that dominates all aspects of peoples' lives. You'll see no shop signs or advertising, with locals dressed in sober uniforms or the ubiquitous jump suits. Yet that doesn't mean people are dull or robotic - their warmth and humour will be a revelation.

Take an Abercrombie & Kent trip to North Korea in 2014 and you'll visit the capital, Pyongyang, whose brutalist communist architecture is punctuated by green parks, huge public spaces and memorials and monuments to the people, the party and deity, Kim Il-sung. The Great Leader's charismatic smile radiates from buildings and billboards, and his statues decorate entrance halls and vast squares, notably the 20m bronze effigy at Mansudae Grand Monument, a place of annual pilgrimage for millions to blow and lay wreaths.

Outside Pyongyang, you'll be taken to the International Friendship Museum, a polished marble bunker displaying gifts presented to the leaders - look out for the stuffed alligator bearing a drinks tray from Nicaraguan. Then there's the DMZ, reached by a relentlessly straight drive through a denuded landscape, where stern soldiers stare across the border and you enter the hall where America and North Korea agreed to end the Korean War.

Head the other way from Pyongyang and you'll find the beautiful Myohyang Mountains with crystal clear rivers, waterfalls and the serene Buddhist temple of Pohyon. As we said, an A&K trip to North Korea will be amazing, occasionally disturbing and surprising, but never ever boring.
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My wife, Cindy, and I travelled with A&K this September. Saying that we were “very satisfied” would be an understatement. I did not feel that the survey I received provided a way for me to say how satisfied we are and to commend some individuals … hence, this email.

- DM, Kili Guide

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