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Abercrombie & Kent sponsors the coolest Ford V8 and two rookie drivers in the fifth classic car Peking to Paris rally.

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On May 28th, travel journalist Michelle Jana Chan and yacht designer Mike Reeves of Claydon Reeves will set off in 'Shiner', an immaculately restored and rally prepared classic Ford V8 on the Peking to Paris Rally. Covering nearly 8000 gruelling miles over 33 days across China, Mongolia, Russia and through Europe to the grand finale in Paris, the iconic Peking to Paris rally showcases nearly 100 restored classic cars all competing in one of the toughest races of all time. The prize? A magnum of champagne. The achievement? One of the greatest tests of endurance and human spirit on the circuit.

The Peking to Paris race was an incredibly ambitious first in 1907. Four historic rallies on, the 2013 challenge reflects the values of Abercrombie & Kent; pushing the boundaries of travel, charting new territories and keeping the spirit of adventure alive.

Michelle and Mike have been honing their driving skills on gravel in the Atacama, mud in the Masai Mara, sand dunes in Namibia, ice driving in Val d'Isere and every other terrain imaginable, whilst a crash course in intensive navigation practice should see them safely across some of the remotest parts of the globe…

Michelle is upbeat and bullish about the race. "Eat our dust," she says with a wry smile. "We may be relatively young and inexperienced but we're in it to win it… we hope to be first in line down the Champs Elysees and ready to pop the Champagne in Place Vendome!'

It's just over 50 years since A&K Founder, Chairman and CEO Geoffrey Kent jumped on his motorbike and rode full tilt from Kenya to Cape Town. That full on passion for life and love of adventure inspired the founding principles of Abercrombie & Kent. The Peking to Paris rally has the same brave, carefree, pioneering spirit.

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