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Why Kilimanjaro with Abercrombie & Kent


Our guides are among the most experienced working on the mountain and many of them are involved in the training of new guides, such are the levels of experience. Their primary concern is your safety and this takes priority over getting you to the summit. If they don’t think you’re up to it, they won’t let you try. That said, because of the way our climbs operate, our private ascents have a success rate of around 97-98% and as long as you have a reasonable level of fitness and are honest and open with your guide, then there is no reason why you can’t summit. The guides are proficient in all aspects of mountain guiding from natural history to mountain safety.

Why Kilimanjaro with Abercrombie & Kent


Comprehensive safety and medical equipment accompanies you on each climb although most of it, you’ll never see. The guides carry pulse oximeters to monitor your heart rate and oxygen levels. They take a reading before you start the climb and monitor you twice daily during the climb. The guide will instruct you in how to breathe in a particular way that maximises your oxygen intake and allows you to better acclimatise to the altitude. The goal is that the higher you get, your stats remain as close as possible to those taken at the start of the climb. The pace at which you walk and the slightly different form of breathing makes a huge difference in helping you to acclimatise.

Why Kilimanjaro with Abercrombie & Kent


Eating well and keeping properly hydrated are an essential part of the plan and your guide will keep an eye on you throughout each day to ensure that you’re drinking the recommended amounts of fluid. You are accompanied by a chef and support team who cook up three extensive meals per day (never from packets) and only using fresh ingredients (runners bring up fresh fruit and veg up the mountain on alternate days to ensure you always have fresh produce). The food is actually incredibly good and meals are planned with nutrition and replacing lost energy in mind. Breakfast includes, porridge, fresh fruit and a cooked breakfast. Lunch will typically include a freshly prepared soup and main course, likewise with dinner.

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