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The term Far East evokes a cultural as well as geographic separation; it conjures up images of the exotic.

With classic images of Japanese cuisine, tea ceremonies and Samurai warriors, there can be few countries that seem so familiar to us yet are intrinsically alien. This is where our experience, local knowledge and behind-the-scenes access are invaluable. Discover an unknown way of life as you step into another world - traditional ryokan inns and the studios of calligraphers, vibrant cities entrenched in the modern world but steeped in the traditions of geisha culture, sumo wrestling and Kabuki dramas.

Similarly, China conjures up images of its iconic Great Wall and Forbidden City, yet less well known is the physical and cultural diversity of its more rural regions: tropical monsoon forests, snow-crowned mountains, beautifully preserved rural Chinese towns, and an unmatched patchwork quilt of cultural groups.

Our experience of China stretches back to when Mao was still in power, when his eponymous suits were de rigueur and the Little Red Book was more than just a tourist souvenir. Yet we've never stopped rediscovering this fascinating country and unearthing new gems. Our team in China will take great pleasure in helping you get beneath the skin of this absorbing country.

Malaysia is an exotic fusion of Chinese, Indian and British influences, whereas Indonesia, best known for the beaches of Bali, is made up of a myriad of islands and ethnic groups. Indo-China - Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos - is a region of smiles and serenity inextricably interwoven with the Buddhist heritage.

Far East Holidays 2015, 2016 with Abercrombie & Kent take you to the heart of these amazing countries. Let our experts design your perfect Far East Holiday.



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Dont change the service. It is very good , in all aspects.  Thank you for a great holiday yet again.

- RB, North Yorkshire

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