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Hamish DouglasMarkEver since I can remember I have been attracted to Africa so when I left school I took a gap year to volunteer in Malawi and spend some time learning about the people and the culture. I then travelled around the world and was truly bitten by the bug. I went on to work and travel in over 30 countries in 4 continents in hospitality, as a guide and on super yachts and have developed a desire to know more about the cultures, wildlife, food, history and just about every aspect of foreign lands.

Last five countries visited?
France, Italy, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Greece

Favorite animal?
Crocodile, my dream is to watch this prehistoric creature in the Mara River as the wildebeest migration comes through.

The best hotel I have ever stayed in?
Palais de Mediterranee, Nice

My favourite restaurant?
Boma, Victoria Fall, Zimbabwe

My favourite guide?

Leon Varley, Zimbabwe

Essential item I always take with me on my travels?
My SLR camera, to get the best pictures I can to do justice to the things I see.

One luxury when I travel?
An extreme sport e.g. SCUBA diving, kite boarding

What's my best piece of travel advice?
Be spontaneous and take an opportunity when it comes up, the unexpected things are often the best.

Where I would like to visit next and why?
The Galapagos Islands, to dive with schools of hammerhead sharks in this incredible biosphere reserve.

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Guest Testimonial

We had a great week in a wonderful country. Special thanks to our tour guide Aggrey - the journalists loved him and he impressed them with his extensive knowledge, his humour and charming personality. Also all the drivers were very friendly and helpful. I definitely can recommend your agency to anybody who needs a professional agency service in Kenya.

- Klaus

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