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MarkMarkThis will be my 5th year with A&K and I feel privileged to have experienced so much in this time. I have always been passionate about travel but this was highlighted when I moved to New York for university and was able to travel extensively along the east coast. After university I took a job opportunity on RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 and spent over two years travelling (and working very hard) worldwide. This amazing experience allowed me to see so much of the world and experience different customs and cultures. Once I left the ship I decided it was time for me to head inland and see some of the countries I was unable to visit on the ship, so off I went for 14 months to get lost in various countries around the world. When I returned I knew it was the travel industry that I had to put my knowledge and experience to best use and to this day I still get excited about planning trips across the globe.

Last five countries visited?

Maldives, America, India, Italy & Malaysia

Favourite/most impressive natural wonder?
Halong Bay, Vietnam

Favourite animal?

The best hotel/lodge that you have stayed in?
Huvafen Fushi Maldives

Your favourite restaurant?
Indigo, Mumbai

Your favourite guide? 
Fun Fun Shanghai

Essential item that you always take with you on your travels? 
iPod, great for breaking language barriers.

Your one luxury when you travel?
Dairy Milk… love it!

What's your best piece of travel advice?
Always keep an open mind and make every moment count, even when things don't go to plan these will provide the greatest stories.

Where you would like to visit next and why?
So many places, top of the list would be Botswana for the wildlife and Bhutan for the culture.

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Mark Renshaw - Travel Consultant
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I understand Condé Nast named Gerald Hatherly one of the “Greatest Travel Pros on Earth,” and we can verify that. He is an extraordinary leader who attends to every detail and then gives credit to all his associates.

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