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NickNickHaving grown up in Hong Kong and with my family scattered around the world I have been afforded the opportunity to travel from a young age. As soon as I was old enough, I struck off on my own to remote regions in Mongolia, Tibet, East Africa and Morocco.  Having completed a geography degree at university I decided my passion for travel and yearning to learn about the world would be best served in the travel industry.  Over the last 5 years I have met some incredibly interesting people, seen some amazing places and had a great time doing it! 

Last five countries visited?
Canada, India, Thailand, Peru, China

Favourite/most impressive natural wonder?
Victoria Falls/Grand Canyon/Mt Everest

Favourite animal?
Snow Leopard - I was lucky enough to see one in the wild in Ladakh, India.

The best hotel/lodge that you have stayed in?
Clayquot Wilderness Resort, Canada

Your favourite restaurant?
Le Manoir Aux Quat'Saisons

Your favourite guide? 
Jimmy Vasquez - Peru

Essential item that you always take with you on your travels? 
A frisbee - an easy way to make friends.

Your one luxury when you travel?
My specially designed hollow ski poles that double as a whisky store - another easy way to make friends.

What's your best piece of travel advice?
The locals always know best so follow their lead…

Where you would like to visit next and why?
Mt Kilimanjaro, Namibia, Chile, Lebanon, Mustique, Japan and Bhutan are all contenders. However, the prospect of Heli-Skiing really excites me; although Canada would be incredible; why not in Greenland or Kamchatka?  Some serious carbon off-setting would be required: but it would be worth it!

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Guest Testimonial

A special mention for Fabricio in Quito who was on time, very welcoming, helpful and extremely smart and well- presented. The various drivers we had in Quito were lovely, helpful and very welcoming and the vehicle clean and tidy.

- JB, London

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Braille Without Borders

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