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RobertRobertEver since I was young I always wanted to see the world, reading maps and travel related literature taught me that there is a lot there and I needed to try and see as much as possible.. When I turned twenty it was time to go, I lived and worked in various countries teaching English and took advantage of the long holidays to travel with my wife. We returned 6 years ago and travel will always be with me. Working in the industry is doing something I love and it's great to hear people's stories when they return.

Last five countries visited?
Turkey, Thailand, Laos, Canada and Tanzania

Favourite/most impressive natural wonder?

Mt Fitzroy, El Chalten, Argentina

Favourite animal?
Polar Bear

The best hotel/lodge that you have stayed in?
The One Bed Villa at Uma Paro

Your favourite restaurant?
Guido da Costigliole, Relais San Maurizo, Piedmont, Italy

Your favourite guide?
Samban (Sam) Our A&K Guide in Siem Reap

Essential item that you always take with you on your travels?
A Cambodian Krama - a small sarong that has numerous uses: sun hat, scarf, neck support…

Your one luxury when you travel?
Laundry Service

What's your best piece of travel advice?
Wherever you go, you need to have a unforgettable experience.

Where you would like to visit next and why?
Japan - love the food and the culture.

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Robert Moller - Travel Consultant

Guest Testimonial

Each guide was very helpful and knowledgeable too. The hotels you selected were all beautiful with excellent service – we were particularly impressed with the wonderful Lodge in PingAn and the modern and welcoming Temple House in Chengdu. The train between Shanghai and Beijing was also a great journey – thank you for thinking to organise the Red Cap porter service as well!

- JS, London

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Beekeeping in Mwika Village

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