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Tess Kelly

Senior Travel Specialist

About Tess

I love Africa – I grew up in Kenya. So far my travels have taken me to six continents, but Africa remains my passion. Before working at A&K, putting together adventures for others, I spent years working in and travelling to many different parts of Africa.

When not at work, I can be found on a yoga mat, taking photographs, reading, being creative in the kitchen or sampling a new wine.

Talking points

What's your favourite destination?

Currently, Tanzania

Which destination is top of your bucket list, and why?

Rwanda – I'd love to see gorillas in their ever-dwindling natural habitat

How many languages do you speak?


Which five items do you always pack when travelling?

Earplugs, a camera, my pillow, a good book and my sense of humour...

What's your top travel tip?

Take photos by all mean, but then stop and just appreciate what you are seeing