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Ben Harrison

Platinum Travel Executive - Africa

About Ben

A few years ago, when our family started to grow, I realised that holidays would never be the same again. After briefly considering the feasibility of leaving our children with obliging relatives, we quickly realised we’d probably have to take them with us.

Planning a holiday suddenly became a lot more complicated, as features that were previously a positive on our list of requirements such as balconies, swimming pools and hot sun, quickly migrated to the ‘negative’ list. That has made me far more selective in my holiday options.

Africa is an amazing destination to visit. My top tips for families would be to get back to nature with the kids from duck herding at Babylonstoren, beach combing at Mosaic Lagoon Lodge and getting to know the local wildlife at Samara.

Talking points

Which are your top must-see destinations for children? 

South Africa’s Eastern Cape Game reserves, Kenya’s Laikipia region, Cape Town and the Lower Zambezi in Zambia

How old should a child be to get the most from a safari? 

Much of this depends on the lodge you choose but I don’t think there’s any point taking a child under five or six on safari

Do you prefer a villa, or hotel for a family holiday? 

I think a villa offers freedom and privacy that a hotel can’t

What is your advice to parents travelling with a young baby? 

Go before they’re mobile – the flights alone will be much easier

How do you recommend helping the excitement for a holiday build beforehand/help children remember the holiday afterwards? 

Include them in the planning of the holiday so they know what to expect. When you are back, make a scrapbook of everything - entrance tickets, travel tickets, flyers, menus so they have a visual aid to jog their memory