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Kamila Moreno

Travel Specialist - Latin America

About Kamila

Having grown up in Brazil, I know what a fascinating part of the world South America is for the youngest member of the family to the oldest. Whether you’re travelling to Cusco or through Chile, I strive to make every trip as exciting as possible for everyone in your family.

Latin America has some fantastic destinations for all types of family holidays. You can choose from adventure holidays where you can ride like a cowboy in Argentina; beach holidays along the beautiful shores of Mexico; educational holidays along the Amazon or active holidays on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The list of amazing locations goes on and on. 

There are many factors to consider when booking a family holiday. It may be the pace of travel, destination or accommodation. Whatever it is, I’m here to make your family holiday stress-free and memorable.

Talking points

Which are your top five must-see destinations for children?

1) Galápagos Islands
2) Costa Rica
3) Mexico 
4) Peru 
5) Guatemala 

How do I satisfy the holiday needs of a teenager, a ten-year-old and a pre-schooler? 

Everyone is different, the key to the whole family having fun is to make sure everyone’s interest is taken care of. A teenager might love zip lining through the jungle in Costa Rica. Whereas a ten-year-old and a pre-schooler will love seeing a sloth or other wildlife around the area. They key is to always add something in for everyone 

What do you think is the best holiday ‘experience’ for children? 

Wildlife is always a big hit with most children. There is nothing better than seeing it in its natural habitat. Latin America has an abundance of wildlife that will never cease to amaze our youngest and oldest guests

How do you recommend helping the excitement for a holiday build beforehand/help children remember the holiday afterwards? 

I believe in anticipation so showing kids photos and videos of where they will be visiting is always a good way to get them excited and help them understand what to expect. You can also talk through some exciting tours that we have added specially for them. 

Any other top family related travel tips? 

Always book trips with a level of flexibility. We know that children can easily lose interest if not kept busy. For this reason, our family guides are always ready to change things around or shake things up so that everyone is kept entertained