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Katie Niblett

Travel Specialist - Beach

About Katie

I have a large family and have always been lucky enough to travel the world with them. I grew up in East Africa where we would spend most of our time in the African bush on safari or relaxing on the coast.

Since then I have done a lot of travelling myself and many of the destinations, I have visited are well suited to family and multi-generational holidays, such as the Maldives. Here, you can embrace marine life and learn to dive as a family which is an amazing experience. Nature-lovers will also enjoy the Seychelles where you can meet the Aldabra giant tortoise, witness turtle nesting and snorkel or dive to see the colourful marine life.

Talking points

What’s your top tip for keeping children entertained on a long journey?

Try to avoid electronics as the kids end up tired and irritable. Instead go back to basics and try traditional games like Eye Spy and card games like Uno

How do I satisfy the holiday needs of a teenager, a ten-year-old and a pre-schooler?

Resorts with lots of sporting activities are ideal. In the Maldives, water sports are safe and suitable for all ages, from snorkelling to sailing

Where can I get the best ice-cream?

The LUX resorts in the Maldives and Mauritius have a fantastic ice cream parlour called ‘ICI’. There are with so many different flavours and somehow, they have made them fat free, but just as delicious

What do you think is the best holiday ‘experience’ for children?

It depends on their age but if they’re eight or older, then a safari followed by a beach stay in Mauritius or the Seychelles is ideal

Any other top family related travel tips?

Don’t over pack. Most hotels have a laundry service and if the weather’s warm kids generally spend most of the week in their swimming gear