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Margaret Anderson

Platinum Travel Executive - Indian Sub-Continent

About Margaret

I have loved exploring the world with my family of four. I already have wonderful memories of my eight-year old daughter summitting Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka, chasing East Cost sunsets and racing tuk tuks through Colombo.

Twenty years of professional and personal travel experience enables me to understand, instinctively, how to plan a holiday for your family.

The finer detail is vital along with the sightseeing pace, toddler-friendly restaurants, teenage acceptable sightseeing and beach hotels that also enable parents to relax.

Two of my top experiences include an afternoon spent in Minneriya National Park on an elephant safari with an A&K guide as well as a family cookery session at Rosyth Tea Estate in Sri Lanka.

Talking points

Which are your top must-see destinations for children?

Travel by tuk tuk and a Minneriya Safari in Sri Lanka. Children also love visiting Deepalaya School in Delhi and kite flying in Jodhpur

How old should a child be to get the most from a safari? 

I would say they should be eight and older 

Do you prefer a villa, or hotel for a family holiday?

Either can work very well. Depends slightly on the location, the parents’ preference and room configuration 

How do I satisfy the holiday needs of a teenager, a ten-year-old and a pre-schooler?

A pre-schooler requires very careful sightseeing and transfer planning – along with appropriate swimming pool access and a fitting car seat.  A ten-year-old requires child friendly excursions as well as leisure time to relax. A teenager’s travel needs are more individual – try to include some personal space for them as well as letting them input into the initial tour planning

Where can I get the best ice-cream?

Southern Italy or Harbour side in Sydney