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Bhekinkosi Moyo

  • Bhekinkosi Moyo learnt his bush craft growing up on a farm in rural Zimbabwe. As a child, he developed the skills passed down through generations of his family, including animal tracking and plant identification. He built on this knowledge with formal tour guide training, and has been guiding A&K clients across Southern Africa ever since.

About Bhekinkosi

  • DMC: Southern Africa
  • Speciality region: Zimbabwe
  • Languages spoken: English, Ndebele, Shona, Khangala, Tswana, Nyanga and Suthu

Meet the guide

Bhekinkosi Moyo grew up on a rural farm in Plumtree, Zimbabwe. As a child, he’d help care for the livestock, driving animals as far as 10 kilometres from home in search of green pastures whilst protecting them from predators. Bhekinkosi built on this early education in the bush, learning animal tracking and identification, among other skills passed down through the generations of his family. As an adult, he attained formal tour guiding certification, and has been leading groups, families and couples around the countries of Southern Africa ever since.