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Is it safe to travel to Morocco?

Here’s everything you need to know before you travel to Marrakech, and beyond. Our man in Morocco, Jean-Bernard Coudon, answers all your questions.

Is it safe – and responsible – to travel to Morocco right now?

“Yes. Morocco is open and welcoming visitors. It is just as safe now to visit Marrakech and its medina as it was before the earthquake, and all services are operating as normal. The Moroccan people, always renowned for their hospitality, have never been more eager to welcome visitors.”

Are Marrakech medina and museums open?

“The new town and most of the medina were totally unaffected by the earthquake. All the restaurants and hotels we normally recommend are open, along with places of interest including the stunning 14th-century Islamic school Madrasa Ben Youssef, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum and the Berber Museum in beautiful Jardin Majorelle, and all the classic parks and gardens.”

How is the mood in Marrakech and the rest of Morocco?

“The mood is progressive, and our focus now is on turning the page, rebuilding and moving on. There has been a tremendous movement of solidarity to help those affected; the entire country has come together in an unprecedented way – even the most modest citizens have contributed. One of the most amazing qualities of the Moroccan people is our resilience, and deep desire to move forwards.”

Has transport and infrastructure been impacted?

“Airports have always remained open, and flights continue to operate as normal. None of the country’s infrastructure was affected, outside a very small area in the Atlas Mountains, and now even those locations are accessible again.”

Should I avoid the Atlas Mountains, and where should I go instead?

“You can still go to the Atlas Mountains. The valley of Ourika has been little-affected, and a lot of treks are taking place there. There are other hikes that can be organised, too; while we feel it is too early to visit the affected regions of Imlil and Ouirgan, we are exploring alternative areas such as Demnat and the M’Goun, the third-highest mountain in the Atlas.”

How can I help?

“The best way you can help is by travelling to Morocco. The income and the morale generated by your visit has never been more important – and more appreciated – than now. If you would like to donate to assist with aid efforts in Morocco, please visit the website of our charity A&K Philanthropy (”