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From the crumbling, tree-twisted ruins of Angkor Wat, to the natural beauty of Athens, escape to ancient and diverse destinations to make your immersive holiday one to remember.

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See below for our luxury cultural suggestions for your perfect spring holiday.

Immersive Grand Canyon and the South West

16 nights from £7,425

There is nothing like a good old fashion road trip and heading out the splendid Grand Canyon is just one of many highlights on this spectacular South West discovery

Vancouver Wilderness Family Explorer

8 nights from £5,425

Enjoy quality family time in one of the friendliest countries in the world on this 8-day family holiday in Canada

Life along the Mekong

15 nights from £7,755

The Mekong flows through the heart of Southeast Asia, from the Tibetan Plateau to the sea

The Colours of Japan

10 nights from £4,895

Japan is a kaleidoscope of natural beauty, elegant architecture and cultural wonders

Explore Kolkata, North Bengal & Sikkim

13 nights from £3,380

This tour introduces you to India’s beautiful facets. Take time with nature when you cruise along the holy River Ganges as the sun sets

Highlights of Turkey

6 nights from £2,750

Journey from Istanbul to the shimmering shores of the Aegean Coast. View the mosques and monuments in Turkey’s capital city and retreat to the beaches of Bodrum

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Reserve your ticket at some of the world's most dramatic cultural events early, as everyone wants to witness the magic of cherry blossoms as they come into bloom, or have that before-hours insider access in famous landmarks. 

With everything from geisha to snow monkey and bullet trains to sumo wrestlers, a luxury holiday to Japan promises to be captivating. One of Japan’s most awe-inspiring sights is when the country’s cherry blossom (sakura) trees come into bloom. With the magic springtime bloom of cherry blossom so high on many travellers' wish lists, book early if you wish to view the blossoming that will sweep across the country.


From dynamic Moscow to romantic St Petersburg, Russia is as appealing as it is vast. Plan ahead and you could explore the sights of Moscow with our expert guide. You'll have exclusive before-hours access to the Peterhof's Grand Palace and first-class Sapsan train travel. Visit the Hermitage and its three million works of art, and the Amber Room at the Catherine Palace – a dazzling sight of amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors.


Follow the legacies of Moses, Saladin and Lawrence of Arabia on a sweep through Jordan’s ancient cities. Book early and take advantage of Jordan being perfect for a multi-centre holiday, combining it with Israel or Egypt. You could also see holy landmarks such as Bethlehem and its Church of Nativity as well as the age-old city of Jerusalem. Or follow the trail of the ancients to Cairo’s great pyramids of Giza guarded by the Sphinx. 


Travel to Brazil and explore the unkempt beauty of this huge, enigmatic country. Discover the secrets of the wild national parks, track down the elusive Jaguar in the Southern Pantanal and enjoy panoramic views of over 240 falls at Iguaçu. If this isn't enough for your spring holiday, book early to combine Brazil with Argentina, the Paris of Latin America. Wide avenues and elegant boulevards play host to some of South America's best museums, theatres, art galleries and designer boutiques.


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