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 With more than 55 years of family travel experience, A&K is here to ensure the smooth running of your holiday from the beginning to its fairytale end. Replace devices with destinations and watch how your children start to see and appreciate the wonderful world around them.

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 See below for our luxury family suggestions for your perfect spring holiday.

Classic Thailand

12 nights from £3,955

Travel on Bangkok’s canal boats and tuk tuks to see the city like a local. Explore the Golden Triangle and Phuket

Chosen by our travel specialists to surpass your highest expectations, A&K Favourites are a collection of luxurious hotels which offer our clients a little something extra on check-in.

Constance Ephelia Resort

Mahe, Seychelles

Set amongst 120 hectares of tropical vegetation and overlooking two of the most beautiful beaches on Mahé, this resort is a family-friendly paradise

Family China

13 nights from £4,965

There’s no better way for you and your family to experience the highlights of China than on our bespoke Family China tour

Family Iceland

7 nights from £8,260

Iceland is a place of extreme contrasts. On this trip, you’ll experience them all, from powerful geysers, to waterfalls and volcanic craters

Family Cape Adventure, Meerkats & Madikwe

13 nights from £9,995

Your South Africa itinerary ticks off the best of the country’s cities and natural wonders

Offer available

Niyama Private Islands

Maldives, Indian Ocean

134 villas, suites and pavilions feature stunning outdoor bathrooms, large deck areas, secluded beach views, private pools and stunning views of the vast Indian Ocean

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We know when the school holidays are, so with high demand for the perfect family villa or that exciting fun-filled experience, book now to secure the best rates and the holiday your kids will never forget.

A family holiday in Australia will have you exploring the beautiful coast and fascinating culture of the great Down Under. Experience a slice of rural life at the sustainable Keeyuga Farm, grab your snorkels to explore the underwater paradise of the Great Barrier Reef, and then spend fun-filled days in Sydney at world-famous landmarks and beaches. Book in advance to secure the best experiences. 


Sri Lanka is the perfect family travel destination, and remains a popular one so it's always good to book early. Its mix of beautiful beaches, cultural attractions and fascinating history creates a delicious cocktail of experiences. Kids can hop on some bikes and freewheel around the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, and parents can enjoy gourmet cooking lessons to al fresco candlelit suppers. There's something for everyone!


We know that each family has its own interests and bucket lists, and that's why we pride ourselves on tailoring the holiday to your needs. Whether you’re taking a short-haul flight at Christmas to view the reindeer in Iceland or a long-haul journey to toboggan down the Great Wall of China, we know what you need to make your luxury family holiday tick.


Villa holidays are a popular choice with families, and with obvious reason. A home away from home, with all the comforts you would expect, they're the ideal solution for those looking for privacy, freedom and flexibility. We know it's important to escape the timetables of school and work, and spend time together. Enquire now to find your perfect villa. 


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